Freetrade UX review

You may have seen the series that Built for Mars has recently done on the user interface of UK Banking apps.

Well today, they have published their thoughts on Freetrade’s UI

If you go through the slides as well as the review you will see there are areas Freetrade gets praise for and other bits not so much.



Good feedback. Can’t really argue with the points. FT is a work in progress and it just keeps getting better. :star_struck:


nice read that

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Thanks for sharing! The guy or girl raises a point that crossed my mind as well. Can the clients continue to use Apple Pay after they rich the free limit at their own cost. The simplicity of Apple Pay may still outweigh the cost for some clients.

A lot of good points

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Brilliant read.

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Fascinating! I really hope Freetrade take these suggestions into consideration.


This guy is never wrong, his review of the Neobanks vs incumbents is legendary.

Hopefully someone at FT sees this as they all seem like valid points to me…


This article is pretty spot on, all points raised are definite pain points. Don’t get me wrong, FT’s UX is very good but clearly a work in progress. One thing that I find slightly inconvenient is that in the app there is no way to be taken back to the top. For example, when I’m in the Portfolio tab I expect that hitting the pink Portfolio icon takes me back to the top. I always hit it expecting it to do something but then remember I have to scroll manually. All minor things that I am sure will be addressed in the future.


The comments about the top-ups significantly altering how your graph looks are something I have frequent issues with it just ruins the whole graph whenever you top-up a significant amount, they really need to change that. Currently my monthly graph is incomprehinsible as is my max graph they are basically useless because of top up money being shown on them. There also needs to be a daily, monthly, yearly and max performance indicators. E.g- you are up 10%(£100) this month. The graph set-up and analytics are something which really need updating imo one of my main gripes with the app.


Fantastic. Good point about the search functionality, some of the return set does seem a bit random occasionally.

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I suspect the search one is due to fuzzy matching, which tries to account for typos.
His example - ‘Alta’ is reasonably similar to ‘Alert’ which leads to PagerDuty.


Are you on iOS? Press the status bar at the top and it returns you to the top of the page.


I was just typing this answer up too, lovely little trick that I still tell many people about (surprised it’s not widely known)


Yep, that does the trick😅 iPhone 11 hence quite far to reach the top with one hand so would prefer the standard Insta / Facebook etc approach but thanks for this tip it was what I was looking for!

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There’s load of them sprinkled across the OS. Very useful, but not very discoverable.

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Have to agree with everything said here, there’s so much more the charting capabilities of FreeTrade is lacking. Here’s some constructive feedback:

  1. Let me cancel out the ‘noise’ of top ups on my pnl chart so that jumps are not because of top ups (like the link OP posted says)
  2. Allow me to view my portfolio list in a more condensed/compact view please, I am tired of the scrolling if I have 6+ items and keep having to tap ‘See all’, there is excessive padding and margin which can easily be reduced.
  3. Sometimes my profits will be up for the day when only the UK markets are open, I then have to scramble around to try figure out where that profit is coming from - please let me easily see where this is coming from without having to drill down individually into each stock
  4. Chart data points are unpredictable, if I check at 9am I could be down 1% but then I check later in the day at 1pm and I can’t even see the same data point from 9am but it begins from 10:30am or some other random time

Just read this review on freetrade which I found very interesting and very well wrote. I particularly like the comments regarding the search functionality. Not sure if freetrade have seen it but hope it helps.

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