Weekly Wrap 21/09/18 - super early testing special!

Weekly wrap of one of our best ever weeks! Super early testing is :fire:


I wish I could super like this post! Well done everyone at @freetrade_team !!!

My trade is already in the black! :tada:


Congratulations on a great week, the product appears to have stood up well, some fantastic feedback and from what I have seen… it does indeed look pretty!


Interesting that only half of those onbaorded have funded their accounts…

…and somewhat frustrating as I want to test!!

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Nice :rocket:

I funded my account with £1 - wanted to make sure it was going to go the right place :see_no_evil:


Viktor said 52 users earlier, blog says 62. Added 10 extra since his post?

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A slip of the finger?

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I’m also user 67 according to the app (onboarded yesterday) so I’m also unsure, unless there are some dummy accounts?

The first 14-15 are the members of the Freetrade team. They do not count :slight_smile:

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Staff accounts?


Don’t be like that, their opinions still count :wink: although that makes sense!

They’re biased.

Found this interesting too but I imagine they’re just waiting for capital and/or taking time to decide on their investment choices :thought_balloon:


True :disappointed:

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I did not get the chance to say well done on Friday but it’s never too late. It has been a very special and exciting week for everyone. Well done for getting where we are now, this is really only the beginning. Thank you to the team, to the earlier testers and the community. :grinning: :partying_face:To the people who are waiting but dying to gain access, I can feel your pain, however, our time will come :slight_smile:

Freetrade, which is all of us, I believe has the power to change the industry for the UK and Europe, even the US. One trade at a time! Please never forget to believe in the mission and vision of Freetrade. :blue_heart: :freetrade:


Yes, team members!