Weekly Wrap 19/10/18

New stocks, new joiners, new users, new versions… All so new and sparkly :sparkles:


Trust us, it’s on the product space-map. :rocket:

Do you realise that we will scrupulously look for this bullet point once the Trello Board is released? :wink:

In a “Long-term plans” section.


I’m looking forward to have a lunar and martian industries and REIT added! :wink:

Kidding aside, congratulations for the results!

I understand that is a lot of work but when is expected to have the complete LSE onboard?
I also remember that some stocks like easyJet for regulations had some issues with the end of the day bulk orders, are there any updates on that aspect? Would be possible or considered that this problematic stocks are offered only as a instant order, just as an idea, while their bulk order issue get sorted?

Congratulations again and keep up the good work!!!


Thank you! :slight_smile: :heart:

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