Weekly Wrap 12/10/18

What a week, what a wrap!


Great progress this week, congrats.
As a next step, would it be possible to:

  • Update the portfolio chart to show time scale in the x axis
  • Onboard US stocks
  • Add a camera/card recognition to upload bank details
    Thanks a lot and keep rocking!
    Have a nice weekend
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Regarding the ‘number one priority feature’ which you say is an ISA, where does Android fit in the priority list then? I know Alex told us that Android is expected “early next year” earlier this week, but it feels like the Android version is just getting pushed back and swept under the carpet.

I don’t mind waiting (I’ve been waiting for nearly 2 years!), I’d just prefer more open and precise communication regarding Freetrade’s plans. I get that you don’t necessarily want to risk saying a timeframe and then missing it as you have done before, but us Android users are getting serious FOMO over here!


The good news is that we have a concrete timescale now - we’re aiming to get app ready in time for the new tax year - so that you can open an ISA too, which means by April :tada:

The priority right now is building ISAs because they’ll be incorporated into the Android app.

We’ll also share our roadmap soon to help make our plans more transparent so keep an eye on the community for more details about that.


Thanks for the info Alex, looking forward to the road map!

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