Show android a bit of love

I understand IOS is a huge number of people but us android users would like the isa available to us as soon as possible so we dont feel like we are being neglected with even more features available on IPhone being implemented and little change for android app.

Apart from this the app is great!


Thanks for this feedback, we’re launching ISAs on Android in May & aiming for feature parity soon too :grinning:

The #ideas category’s for feature requests so I’ve moved your post to #freetrade-chat, I hope that’s ok!

May-be tomorrow then :wink:


I love how this was initially posted under the #ideas category! :rofl:


That’s great news! Also is there going to be a more informative web app/site for freetrade that we can use instead of the mobile app?

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There will :smile: it’s not quite on our open roadmap yet but it’s a very popular request: Desktop / web interface & it’s something we plan to add.