Dealing with (trade) rejection


Make sure to tweet that so certain users can see it :wink:


Thanks for a concise explanation. I shall remember that so when it’s time for Android users to be onboard, I won’t tweet it when my order is rejected. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This is great, thank you. Just came on to find some kind of answer to why I’ve had 2 trades rejected so far (one of the other threads was also useful).

Just to clarify from what I understand even if we’ve had a rejection there’s nothing stopping us from trying again without having to fear of another rejection? (As long as we don’t get that unlucky of course!)

Edit: also just want to check, if an order gets rejected I know we get our money back, but due we lose out on the tax we paid too? Haven’t figured that out yet but hopefully someone can give a simple yes or no answer :slight_smile:


I’m glad you liked the post! You might find this wiki useful too, if you haven’t seen it already Introductory wiki 🐣.

There’s nothing stopping you from doing that at all.

No :wink:

Feel to ask if you’ve got any more questions!

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The only thing I would add to Alex’s answers is if you get rejected on an instant trade it’s worth waiting a few minutes before trying again, as the stocks tend to get rejected for a 5min or so window before becoming available again