Instant order Failed

So lost nearly half my position today due to my instant order being rejected 4 times in the space of around 10 minutes, up 3.5% and finally managed to execute an instant sell at 2% which was unfortunate.
Just out of curiosity I was told it was rejected due to 1. Not receiving a quote from the market maker or the price we received was not deemed fair? What exactly is a fair price? Surely if I want to sell I should be able to do so?

Is this something that can be worked on or is this an outside issue to do with the markets?

I instant trade a lot so the ability to exit a position quick is very important.


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Hi @LGrant - I’ve taken a look at your trades, and in this situation no one was quoting a price back to us when we went out to the RSP network for the trade (what is an RSP?). If no one is willing to take the other side of the trade, there is very little we can do.

We are working on expanding our access to additional brokers, which will hopefully increase the likelihood of someone being willing to take the other side of the trade in the future.