What should I invest in next?

Yesterday I made my first ever investment ( Full Truck Alliance ) And I would appreciate any ideas or advice in what to invest in next. Preferably short term I’m not very good at waiting

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Anyone who gives advice on a short term win shouldn’t be giving that advice. :+1: Shares are all about patience and not quick wins so maybe either change your expectations or think carefully if it is the right thing for you.

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A dog


Hi @StefofBurgh i’m only going to echo @Big-g here. If you’re not ‘very good at waiting’ then I’d recommend bet365. Investments should ideally be made with a horizon in years (plural).
Does this mean you cannot adjust as you go and as you’re sentiment changes? No.
Does this mean day trading is hard and most people lose money trying it? Yes
The system is rigged against everyone that doesn’t have a high frequency trading algorithm. Pick companies you’ve read about and like, start with ones you use and then don’t check the prices for as long as you can manage.

Welcome to the forum, hopefully you’ll find some useful info here and will help build some nice financial security.


Red or black?


It’s always red ever good gambler know that!

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If you want quick gains or losses, probably AMC, Gamestop or any memestock will do. They are quite volatile so you can make a quick buck. However, unless you are playing with large sums, your gains will be insignificant.
Speculative: all mining stocks. I got into Helium One this week and hope to get a good return on that.
But honestly, go longterm, Full Truck Alliance is a nice stock, pity it’s only in China.

None of these are short term picks but I believe they are winners


Great shout on full truck alliance already up with them

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A goldfish would be short term.

Probably be better with crypto investing if after short term gains but equally you can end up with large loses if you play the short term. So in other words don’t look short term.

The compounding interest of love is greater with a dog


Thanks I just enjoyed taking a look at them , shame the KOD is plus account . I will keep my eye on them

Green of course

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