Hello Everyone.

What is everyone’s tactics when it comes to investing. I currently trade alot on Betfair and primarily scalp alot. I have joined freetrade after seeing it on the Colin furze video last week.

I have started scalping on here and have managed to double my money in just over a week. I did only put 5 quid in so I am at tenner now. I wanted to see how it reacted in the app as I use software on Betfair.

Should I carry on scalping but also aim for some longer term investments?

Go well


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Hi @danyoung1985 welcome to the forum.

I don’t suppose you could share you’re user number and date of sign up could you? Quite a few of the FT user invested in the company via crowdfunding and like to track user sign up growth.

There are a fair few of you Colin Furze gang here now, you’ll be paying for the tunnel on your own at this rate!

The mantra for Freetrade is about long term wealth building. To quote the podcaster Prof G “I know how to make you very wealthy, the problem is it takes time”

Once you’ve got someone your happy to tie up for the longer term then read up here Learn about investing with Freetrade’s guides

That not to say that scalping / taking a bet on a company is a bad thing but it’s closer to gambling and the risk of loosing it all.

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To be honest for scalping you’d be better with a platform that has live prices and shows both bid and ask prices. The 15 minute delay and the spread could be a problem if you are trying to skim a few %

Having said that I don’t recommend scalping unless you are highly disciplined an have good risk management. It’s easy to get frustrated and make bad decisions if it starts going against you. I’ve done far better buying and holding profitable companies that I ever did trying to make short term bets.