Selling and buying

Hey guys, probably another stupid question here, but when a stock is going up, but it rises then falls a bit, then rises then falls abit etc so the most recent highs are always highed than the last.
Is it best to just hold the stock as it fluctuates, or is it possible to sell at the peak, then buy at the trough with the amount you made in the sale, therefore getting more fractional stock. Then wait for the peak again and repeat?
I know this would raise the amount of stock you have, but is it something that people do?

Apologies for possibly making no sense, but if you do understand what im getting at, please let me know.


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Sure, it’s something that is possible, however more often than not the share will do the opposite of what you expect and you’ll end up with less shares than you started with!

This is what Day Traders try to do, most people fail and end up losing money. It’s not as easy as it sounds


Possible for sure. Not probable though as a long term strategy.


Also Freetrade isn’t built for that type of trading


this is possible for sure, it is also possible to sell at what you think is the peak only to find it isn’t, also to buy at a trough when it actually isn’t.

I cannot offer advice, but for myself I don’t play that game at all, it is too risky for me. Instead I invest regularly no doubt buying in peaks and troughs, but over the long term for me this strategy is where I think I will do well.


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