Include research links for stocks

I think that due to Freetrade not offering any investment advise or insights themselves they could include a link on each stock in the app at the bottom of the page. For available ETF’s there is already a link at the bottom of the page for “Key Information Document” which takes you to the funds official information document.

Perhaps with stocks they could include some links for or etc. This makes it easy for newer and current investors to get quick access to all the information they need about for a company they are interested in.

Why would you link your product to a rival? Just because we all use rival websites, that’s a bit like Homebase referencing B&Q’s DIY guides.:zipper_mouth_face:


This app is heavily aimed towards young investors and first time investors. I think it would be beneficial for them to provide at least a gentle push towards the right direction and finding where to do their research on stocks before they make a purchase.

Stock insights isn’t coming up any time soon according to their Road map. It would only be temporary until they have their own set up but who knows if that will even be this year. It seems unlikely.

Also it’s slightly different. “Rival” would infer that Freetrade have their own product offering stock insights, information, news and stats etc. Which they don’t.

Research Links are a good idea, linking to a rival Stockbroker seems a bit cheeky. Maybe could link to LSE page for a stock? That has various facts and figures without actually making recommendations and it’s not a competitor

for example

(I chose AA because it was near the top)


This would be great - the LSE profile is unbiased, informative and gives some very useful information so definitely think this is useful to offer

Ok yeah agreed. LSE is unbiased as you say and contains plenty enough information for someone to get started researching a stock.