What type of content would you like to see on your app?

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We’re exploring some ways of integrating content onto your Freetrade app.

We’d especially like to hear from those of you who are newer to investing.

What content would you like to see in your Freetrade app?

  • Investing jargon broken down / Dictionary
  • Market news
  • Tips on building your portfolio
  • Community conversations on stocks
  • Introduction to investing
  • Other (specify)

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Drop any other comments below!

Thanks in advance.

I’ve selected Market news, but that’s more because I feel things like the jargon dictionary, tips on building your portfolio and introduction to investing would be better as blog posts. You could always link to them in-app, though.


I wish I could vote for more than one. But as I can’t, definitely related market news to do with stocks I have or stocks I’m viewing.

A lexicon and related learning would be nice but I feel this wouldn’t have as much impact as having relevant and related market news and announcements which is far more beneficial in the long term (especially for plus).


Interesting difference in results compared to Twitter

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Easy one! Market News please and thanks :pray:

Ideally, smth similar to WeBull in terms of data, news and stock analysis.

If you are looking for some ideas, I generally head over to the FT.com site when I am initially looking to get a view on a listed company. Their company info pages usually give me enough to get started with and enable me to decide whether I want to continue to investigate the stock, etc.

Market news about the stocks I’m holding


Or the stocks I’m watching


Something similar to what Yahoo Finance does would be nice.

Need to sort out money being deposited as cash showing up in the portfolio graph, NEVER UNDERSTOOD how this has been this way for such a long time. Please please fix this NOW


I think building upon bios are a must have, maybe YouTube videos of what companies do embedded, books consistency, dividend yield , shareholder benefits defiantly are a needed factor to make it more consistent and ahead of the game to the competitors.


Yea this is one of the main things I’ve been asking for, it seems such a simple fix I don’t know why it has been sorted yet. The cash deposits make the graph un-usable and basically pointless. Especially if you make regular deposits.

Yes the amount of times I’ve deposit money as cash, then go back a few days later and see big gains in my portfolio graph, for a minute I get exited and think of my stocks have has some good gains, then I remember it is just my cash showing up in my portfolio graph. As you said the graph is UN-UNSABLE

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Yes, same I make pretty regular deposits so the only graphs I really get to use properly are the daily or weekly graphs the month one is always very disproportionate because of my deposits. And then the Max one is just an incomprehensible line with massive jumps from my deposits and it’s impossible to see actual stock growth.

I can make my own graph which disregards deposits on my excel spreadsheet and only shows my profit/loss or my % gain depending on which data I select. This is just using my final portfolio values at the end of each month I could do a more detailed graph if I used portfolio value from each day of the month but I don’t have the time for that. I’m sure FT could do this in a much more comprehensive way with the amount of data they have from our accounts and make it fully automated. They can track our profit or loss changing under the portfolio total they should just make that value be displayed in a graph format that way we’d be able to see our actual growth.

Would be cool to have more a Wikipedia approach to company bios , when I say Wikipedia I’d refer to higher level community members would take the stress of staff, if google can source all their information from Wikipedia correct or not, why can’t a private stock broker ?

That’s an interesting idea. Maybe you should make a topic on it with some details? Ideas 💡 - Freetrade Community

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Ability to order watchlist and add short notes within app would be great.


Hi, would love to see the following features:

  • tax reports for year end
  • price movements for longer than 3 years
  • PE

This is great!
I would love to learn more about the sort of content you have in mind and what news or articles you find the most useful :pray:
If you could spare 30 mins for a chat over zoom, you can pick a time that works for you here: