[Feature Request 🔧] Widget for Portfolio Value

It would be nice to have a widget to display the current portfolio value. That way I don’t have to login to the app when I just want to have a quick look. When I open the app, I find myself starting to look to other stocks as well and waste a bit of time, like you do on facebook.


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Not sure this is really in keeping with the ethos of Freetrade. It has been proven time and time again that ‘investors’ who check their portfolios daily tend to underperform those who don’t, even when controlling for experience, diversification etc.

You changed the title of the post?

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Regular checks are part of the learning process for me. I want to see what day to day factors impact the value of my holdings. It’s not about knee jerk reactions and impulsive actions.

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I understand. I am only 2,5 months in so i am still checking. I am sure that when Iam using it for a longer time, I will gradually stop checking regularly.

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Daily… I’m almost obsessive checking hourly!! :rofl:

I’m a long term investor, but also new to this, so I like to see what is happening at various points of the trading day, see the movement, trends etc

Plus its nice to see that little green figure at top saying how much have made since began investing :+1: (Most of time is green anyway!!)

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I think anything that adds value to the product and helps to reach a wider audience is going to be a positive in the long term. Be that Widgets, web app, iPad app etc etc.

I think once we know where we stand with Alpha & what that includes, we will then have a better idea of the overall Freetrade experience going forward.

Hopefully some of those items that have been on the roadmap for a while are things coming sooner rather than later. But that’s just my initial thoughts.


I think a widget would be handy on Android, particularly if you want to quickly check your portfolio whilst in a meeting or at work for instance and can’t afford more than a glance.


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