:freetrade: Widgets on Android

I think it would be a nice little feature to have a useful widget or two on the Android platform, particularly the portfolio performance graph.

Having access to the portfolio performance graph directly from your mobile screen would save people a lot of time and mean that the app would only be accessed when people are buying/selling/researching stocks only.

Maybe a widget to show your watchlist and any price drops/increases?


I absolutely agree. I think there are a number of Freetrade widgets that could be very useful!

I like the idea of widgets that offer the following:

  • Manually selected companies rates against a pre-defined daily/weekly/monthly
  • Current value of personal portfolio in manually selected companies
  • Current value of owned shares in top 5 companies in portfolio
  • Recent news in companies on watch-list
  • Drastic changes in values of companies on watch-list

The possibilities are vast and many of them would require very little work to implement basic iterations of.

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Iā€™d love to hear what other suggestions people have for widgets!

Great idea. I currently use Yahoo finance widgets to show my holdings in monetary value then shows the days gain and total gain of the portfolio in %.

Then have earnings report widget for news on any of my companies.

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