[Feature Request 🔧] iOS / Android Widget

I don’t know what percentage of Freetrade users are on an iPhone, but after the recent announcement at WWDC, it would be great to have a Freetrade widget to see various bits of information about my portfolio at a glance from my iPhone home screen.

I don’t know if this could be done in conjunction with Face ID to still secure the app, but being able to see basic information such as a portfolio summary straight from the home screen would be great. :+1:t3:

Is this already a feature on Android?

The iOS14 widgets are currently limited to stock apps (those that you can move to a page with apps rather than just on the today view page)
However on iOS13 there is apps from some banks that work on the today view screen (widgets page) so I see where you’re coming from. Something simple, with just portfolio value for each account maybe?

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Are you sure? The keynote definitely showed Nike Run Club and Words With Friends when demonstrating the new widgets feature (so I assumed third party apps would be included also).

If not, that would be a shame!

There’s an API for it, so third party widgets will be coming.


This is incorrect. There is a developer API so they will be coming.

I did say “currently”
On the Beta it is only stock apps, I didn’t want to comment on future since I wasn’t sure what would be available at launch of iOS14

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As others have said there is an API for future, apologies for confusion caused by my wording.

I am currently using the beta software, and that is limited to stock apps.
By the time iOS is public, there may indeed be an opportunity for a Freetrade widget.

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So given that this looks like it will be a possibility, what would people want to see?

I’d vote for any of:

  • Portfolio total summary
  • Portfolio total gain/loss
  • Highest indv. stock daily gain/loss

Any others that would be particularly helpful at a glance?


Are you a developer? Or did you get the beta by some other means? I always sign up to the public beta, but would love to get my hands on it right now if there is a way that doesn’t cost me $99

Ive sent you a message :wink:

To be fair the public beta is normally the same as the developer beta but just released later to public than developers. I noticed the gap shortens through the development too! So whilst this beta isn’t due to be released to public til July, as we get to beta release 7, 8, 9 etc the public release is then sometimes only a day or too later, if not same day!

Any probs ping us a message anyway :+1:

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Ah yeah, fair enough.

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I would definitely be interested in seeing these. Probably overall portfolio performance would be most useful or highest movers. Good to have options though.

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Agreed. I think total portfolio summary is definitely the most useful, but I’m sure the dev team can get creative!

So just to be clear, are you saying we can still access this through the public beta without having to pay the $99?

Yes, iOS14 public beta will probably be release early July

This would be great :blush:

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This would be awesome! Any updates?


+1 from me and @adam on Twitter

Was expecting ‘one more thing’ from the plus announcement. This could be a great addition for the Christmas list

(Sorry android users)

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This along with an Apple Watch complication, or stand alone app seem like no brainers to me.


Why is this not a thing yet? Are there any public plans from Freetrade to make this happen?

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