Stock related news

News section on the stock detail screen would be incredibly useful for making decisions. if executed well enough, I would personally make Freetrade my main source of financial and market news.

I’ve built this as a news app for the crypto market with automated news aggregation, the app finds asset names in a pre-defined list of publications and sends a push notification when a tracked/owned asset is mentioned. It shows how/if a given news story has affected the asset price on a chart.

We use scraping for speed but RSS would work (our USP is being the fastest place to get crypto asset specific need).

Happy to open up the GitHub to the Freetrade team if it’s of interest just drop me a line.


Hey @marty - we’d definitely take a look. It’s not something on our short term roadmap but as a minimum it would be great point of reference. Does it have a license? You can add me directly if you like ifuller1 (Ian) Β· GitHub