Did you start investing on Freetrade during lockdown?

Hi all,

I’m Freetrade’s new-ish Communications Lead.

We’re currently working with a journalist who is interested in speaking to someone about their approach to saving money and investing. He’s especially interested in someone who signed up on Freetrade during lockdown.

Did you not think about saving and investing before being stuck at home all day?

Have you discovered a new hobby that’s helping you save for a house? Early retirement :smiley: ?

The one thing to keep in mind is that the journalist will want to use your full name in the article that they publish.

If this sounds like it might be of interest, send me a DM and we can go from there.

The deadline is very tight and the journalist needs to speak with someone tomorrow (Friday 24 July) but it should only take about 20 minutes I’d imagine.





I didn’t start during lockdown, but have spent most of it educating myself on investing, happy to have a chat with them if you can’t find anyone else :+1:


It’s awful reading stories about how platforms are using leveraged and complex products to make nice profit margins while 75-80% of retail investors are losing money, especially in the context of everything that’s happening in the UK and global economies at the moment.

There’s a good reason we don’t offer that type of product on FT: there’s no place for them in a balanced and diversified portfolio that’s invested with a long-term horizon.


Watch this space guys and all will be revealed… :grin:


Is the article about you? I’m confused as you have had an account since at least 2019 going by your posts on the forum?

As both a FT investor and user, I 100% believe in the strategy being followed and how FT is committed to providing a balanced long-term product. This forum is itself a huge asset to help support and educate.

However, I’m always just a little cautious on how the mainsteam media will often look to portray an entire sector by focusing on the bad experiences of people who dived in with little or no prior research or understanding (I obviously don’t know who will be publishing this article featuring FT!). Following on from Sky News a couple of days ago, here’s the BBC’s rather negative take on lockdown investor experiences - not even focusing on the UK…


The finished article. Georgia is my daughter :blush:


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