[Media request 👋] Calling all 50 years old and older Freetrade customers

Hi all,

Another somewhat urgent request here. I’m speaking with a journalist at the Telegraph who is keen to speak with a couple of our wonderful community members who are over 50 to get a feel for how you’re using Freetrade.

In particular, I’m keen to speak to anyone over 50 who is a first time investor. I.e. You’ve just got into investing (outside of workplace pensions etc.) thanks to Freetrade.

You’re 50+ and have your ISA with Freetrade.

As with most media requests, the journalist would want to be able to use your name + location and she’ll be keen to chat with you about how you’re investing using Freetrade.

If you’re keen to chat more, drop me a DM or send me an e-mail: alexander@freetrade.io



They’ve got more than 50 customers!



Good catch!

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I’m 55 in June and 29’389th Freetrade user.


And FT is my first time investing in stock and shares