Case study Request - early-to-mid 20s + surprising (either really good 📈 or really poor 📉) performance in 2020

Hi all,

I’m working with a couple of journalists at the moment on a story and they’re keen to speak with one of our customers. They’re particularly interested in speaking with someone in their early to mid 20s and ideally someone who has either had great or terrible performance (journalists love extremes :smiley: ).

They’re particularly interested in understanding how you approach investing, what your strategy/research process might be, and what your objectives are.

Considering 2020 was quite volatile, I’d also imagine they’re keen to understand how you dealt with periods when your portfolio might have fluctuated in value.

If you’re interested in chatting a bit more, drop me a DM. They want to have a conversation by Friday, 8 January and in the article, they’ll use your name, age, and typically some detail about the industry you work in.



:sob: early thirties I feel old now. Thank you @acamp I blame you and you alone!

only kidding


I’m with you!

The journalist writes the “millennial investor” column and I tried to reason with her that some “millennials” are now 40, but she was hearing none of it!


Pfft. Youngsters! :laughing:

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Yeah it was news to me that apparently I’m technically a millennial (24-39 who knew)

I’m early to mid 20s with +75% on my portfolio since the 2nd of March. Don’t know if that’s good enough.

I wouldn’t want to share my name, so perhaps counts me out!


Definitely great performance, keep it up!

Yes, the journalists will want to be able to use your real name.

I’d be happy to have a chat, mid 20s completely new to investing with a 35% money weighted increase/100% time weighted increase since May assuming these figures strike the target they’re looking for?


I know quite a few people who made returns in the market last year which at current interest rates would have taken over 100 years to achieve in the bank. When you think about it that way, investing and compounding in equities makes a lot of sense. None of those mates are in their 20s though :rofl:


I’m 26 with a money weighted return of 38.95%. My time weighted return is 13.61% (quite low due to planning for potential redundancy earlier this year).

I’m happy for them to use my name, age & industry but I’d like not to say much I’ve invested.


Thanks all - that’s really helpful!

I’ll send a few DMs this morning to get back to everyone and will keep you posted about the article.



I’m a wee bit older than mid-20s, but did reasonably well through the pandemic. Happy to help out and lend my full name, if the journalist is still interested.

Oh, and to add: 48% TWRR since 2 Mar.

I’ve got 145% MWRR and 114% TWRR, but my portfolio isn’t massive in Freetrade. Happy to chat about it though.

63% MWRR since April 1st (Picked a good day to start!).

Happy to give my name, but 32, so maybe too old!

Thanks so much for all the responses. So wonderful that so many of our community members are happy to speak about their experiences using Freetrade!

I’ve passed along a couple of contact details to the journalist and I think she’s set on this occasion, but I may very well come back in future.

Journalists are always far more interested in speaking with real investors about the decisions they’re making, they’re approach to investing and their objectives (rather than listening to me blather on about how great Freetrade is!).

Speak soon and happy new year all!



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