Women Investors - How Many are there here on Freetrade?

Step forward the stronger sex :grinning:



Not exactly the right thread, but there was a really good piece on women investors and what motivates them on City AM the other day - worth a read if you’re into the subject!


There are a few of us here :wave:


Not many I guess! Me - last to the party as usual :laughing: and finally joined the ‘community’.

Got burnt following Neil Woodford and decided to teach myself how to do make a better job of it.

Many lessons learned, primarily - NEVER trust a man with your money :wink:

So far, so good!!!


Hi there! :wave:t3:

Very new here, being fresh out of uni and in a grad job. Have lots to learn but better late than never!


Welcome to Freetrade. Out of interest what did you graduate in?

Would love to know how many over 60’s are on Freetrade. By the way I know 80 year olds who are as fresh as daisy’s so not suggesting over 60 is old. Didn’t we have an 88 year old Freetrade user ?
During this lockdown I think we’ve been reminded of the great knowledge, wisdom, charisma, comfort and all round positivity the older generation have to offer. I’ve always been drawn to older people and love when going out and about striking up conversations with older people. I’m in my 30’s and have friends in their 80’s who I see and chat to regularly, some real characters. Always cherish them. Cannot wait for everyone to be out and about again and ignite the social contact.


Thank you! I graduated from mechanical engineering but am working in transport planning now. Did a couple of semesters of introductory courses to financial reporting etc and found them interesting (and very different to engineering!), coupled with that quarter-life crisis on money/how a single source of income is not enough haha, that’s why I’m here :relaxed:


@Bex @lynnieler

Welcome to Freetrade! :wave: :grinning:

@Bex - Woodford’s fail was how i got into investing too funnily enough :rofl:

I hope you both don’t mind my asking but: As women, why do you feel so few woman invest? (Is it the risky perception, the male-dominated image, etc?) ; What do you both feel could be done to get more women investing? By freetrade and, more broadly, by the sector as a whole (incumbents, media, etc) ?

I’ve always hated the ‘us and them’ rhetoric - I’ve always felt that people are people, and if you want to invest you’ll invest, but threads like this one clearly highlight that maybe there are still way too many problems/barriers (scoial or otherwise) for women in investing.

Frankly, I have no idea. But women do invest, all the time, just differently - time, effort and money into their homes, careers, families, clothes, looks, relationships - they’re just not likely to obtain much of a financial return, but they still feel rewarded and isn’t that what we are all doing it for?

I’m a Gen-Xer, we’re notoriously pragmatic. I was bought a car at 17. The same birthday I was gifted a Haynes manual and told by my father ‘You’ll only know you’ve made it in life when you can afford to pay people to do things for you’. Biggest life lesson ever - if you have a problem, whatever it is, teach yourself to fix it.

Men and women are just different in teaching themselves skills and have varying levels of confidence in their abilities. If there was a Couch to 5K plan for investing, women would be all over it!!!


@Bex ; That’s an interesting perspective on it re investing time and effort into friendships and careers etc, I certainly never stopped to reflect on this.

To add on to that, I’m a millennial (or borderline Gen Z) and we certainly don’t get taught enough about this in the current education system (not even about investing but about personal finance and wealth management as a whole). It varies from different upbringings though, my parents taught me to be smart with my money, whereas some of my friends spent a lot of time on short-term gratification. So, coming out into the “real world”, investing seems like something scary where if you don’t have much to begin with, why on earth would you chuck your very little savings into the uncertain abyss? At first glance it seems like a “Wolf of Wall Street”-esque game that you can never win at.

This isn’t a blanket statement on all millennials though, some are amazingly clever and have got their lives figured out, some will start to have to figure it out when they hit that quarter-life crisis of “oh shoot, time to get serious” and so on. But I definitely am grateful for my privilege i.e. I had a uni education, have a job amidst this craziness, have access to tech and resources to learn more, when a lot of people are struggling just to get by in the present :frowning:


Hey @Bex, another Gen-Xer woman here!

None of my women friends invest (outside of their work pensions) and although they have good jobs and savings, they still see investing as ‘gambling’ and they are scared of losing ‘all their money’ (their words). It doesn’t help that investing in the media is synonymous with either big wins or big losses (the Wolf of Wall Street @lynnieler mentions) and not a lot in between.

I do talk of my plans to fund my early retirement via investing and although over the years, my friends ask me how I’m doing, they’re still not interested enough to want to jump in themselves.


Hi everyone! :wave: It’s been a while since this thread got much action, but I’m hoping to get in touch with some female Freetrade investors who’d like to share their stories about how/why they started investing.

We’re looking to write a piece for International Women’s Day which would be shared on our social and editorial channels.

If you’re keen to chat, please reach out to gemma.boothroyd@freetrade.io

Thanks! :pray:


Paging - @Emmie @Optimisery @SB426 @RumNCoke @Kiava @louiseDJ

Am I forgetting anyone? I know there are some good stories you’re all sitting on!


Happy to chat - will drop you a note @gemma


Yep, me! 53 at the end of the week and been here since last Sept. I blame @NeilB because he answered most of my newbie question s.


Emailed you!


Emailed you - I’m an antique :joy:


I would happily do it if I were a women :rofl: