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It might seem silly to most people but as im new to investing I don’t know how well my portfolio is doing in comparison to others on the platform. How does the idea sound of a basic leader board that shows username and their Money-weighted rate of return %? could make it opt-in rather than force people to participate.

There’s a thread for this :slight_smile:

Hi @Sam.ryall92 welcome to the forum and very best of luck with your investing journey. As @jasejase says there is a fun thread for this. Needless to say I am nowhere near a top performer there :slight_smile: , but it doesn’t matter because we’re all running our own races, have our own goals, time horizons and attitudes to risk.


I lead the bottom of the leaderboard. That counts right? :wink:

It counts for sure, and futureyou will thank todayyou for investing wisely

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As I’ve said many times before, I’m all about the long game. I would love to be like these YouTube stars posting about making X thousands in a week or month but I don’t have the skill (or luck).

If I can earn enough to retired in 20 years (I am 35) without changing my lifestyle too much when it happens, and send my future children to university, then I will be happy.

I started late but I started.

I will get around to reading the articles in your profile @rod, eventually :slight_smile:


ahh thats great, just what i was looking for thanks!

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Lol wish I started when I was 35, in my 50’s now and while I’ve saved enough to pay off my mortgage I could have earned so much more with long term investments :slight_smile:

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I wish I had started in my late teens but hey ho :wink:

I did some share dealing in my early twenties but it was few and far between and expensive. I think I made £14 for the year ha ha.