Post your Money-Weighted rate of return- MWRR

Right I’ll begin. If you have a basic account and an ISA account then post the highest.

Had a great year on tech and then got into GGP.

Surely some Tesla fans must have 500%


“Since you began investing”

…and that was when?

For me, 60% since March (without owning meme stocks like Tesla, mostly big tech).

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Think it only starts measuring from March 2020 per Freetrade note on the intro thread. They brought everything in house then and its measured from there.

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Oops, my bad. I happened to join around that time so figured that’s what it’d meant.


Let’s see how this looks 1 year from now :laughing:

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18% from May. I would take that with a predominantly passive ETF portfolio

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52.37% for me, my active investing did a lot better than my vanguard ISA did.

I’m on 77.92% which is decent since I didn’t invest in the main tech stocks or Tesla. Mostly OCDO and GGP.

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My GIA only contains TSMC and because I can’t hold them in an ISA and don’t want to buy them in my HL SIPP.

Not sure I get the value of this metric, especially.with the arbitrary time period.

When I review my performance I just compare results to if I had instead bought a comparable index (e.g. FTSE All World) for every purchase.

E.g. if I spent £1000 on AMD on Jan 2nd see how many units of the VWRL I would have got instead on that day, repeat for every buy/sell and see what the total value is now.

Hoping for this to continue.

I learnt an awful lot about myself and my investing mentality during the pandemic, and will learn to hold my nerve better and invest more wisely in the future.

I sold very low and bought very high, multiple times, whereas if I’d just held on to all my original shares I’d be about 100% up since March.

However I did not do that, and a couple weeks ago I was -40% down, but I am now back to 0%. (Thanks GGP)

Ready for a fresh start and feeling a lot more educated!


Mine is 33.57%.

Mostly made from spectacular buy/sell of Amigo stock. Although would be much better if I didn’t make a mistake with another stock :-/ Ho hum. One learns.

E.g. if I spent £1000 on AMD on Jan 2nd see how many units of the VWRL I would have got instead on that day, repeat for every buy/sell and see what the total value is now.

This sounds extremely complex if you have multiple investments and irregular dates. How do you stay on top of that when you compare your performance?

15% here.

As mentioned earlier by @jspen. I have learned a lot since March. Hopefully, that number will just continue to get better and better.

It’s a bit complicated, but I just made a simple tracker in Google sheets, so I just add a new row (e.g. a new buy/sell) then I just drag down formulas to see how much the benchmark cost on that day and therefore how many units I would have bought/sold.

Then I just sum the present day value of all my holdings (Col K) and compare to the sum of price of the # units of the benchmark I would have instead (Col M). I need to add a calculation for dividends as well.

By this metric I am outperforming VWRL by a staggering 0.2% in 2020, but changing benchmark is just a single cell reference.

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not to bad seeing as I am new to this

I’d be a bit cautious about this idea that gains since March can be attributed to greater skill or understanding and especially that this kind of growth is likely to continue.

We have just experienced the biggest 6 month rise most indices have seen in modern history, so high beta portfolios are going to have unprecedented returns.

Nasdaq +60%
S&P 500 +50%
World +25%

Gold +33%


Yep, not claiming any skill, just lots of GGP and luck.


Getting in early on Tesla works wonders