Money-weighted rate of return (MWRR) πŸ“ˆ

It’s time for a brand new feature.

From today, money-weighted rate of return (MWRR) is being rolled out to all users.


What is MWRR?

The goal of the money-weighted rate of return (MWRR) is to show you the performance of your investment portfolio in a way that includes the impact created by your cash funding and withdrawal.

This way, MWRR represents your actual experience. It shows you how much your portfolio has increased or decreased in value when taking into account the amount of cash you have deposited and withdrawn from your account.

When will I see it?

MWRR has been rolled out to 25% of users this morning, and everyone should see it over the next few days.

Check our blog below for the full explainer, including an example:

Read even more on MWRR on our Investing Dictionary:

And let us know what you think!


Much-wanted and well overdue - it’s a wonder how something so simple can be so useful!

Look forward to seeing it in the app.


Really excited for this, it is exactly what I’ve been wanting for the app one of my biggest hopes. Great to see Freetrade continuing to deliver on community requests and just see the app develop and grow over time.


I like the Investing Dictionary explanation. Love a bit of formulae!
I have an external app which tracks Annualised XIRR but I’m glad I can see the Cumulative MWRR in Freetrade now without getting my calculator out


Very useful feature :clap:!

:+1: on the following:

Over time we’ll be adding data from before that date and let you set different timeframes that you want to analyse.

How about a feature to compare the performance of our portfolio to benchmark indices next (as suggested here :wink:)? This would add further clarity and I’m sure be educational (and humbling!) for many of us so very much in line with :freetrade: goals!


Great idea :ok_hand:


Great to see this arrive, thank you.


I assume this is still being released? I can only see the old version: asset type split + β€œbeta” sticker.

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In the OP,

When will I see it?

MWRR has been rolled out to 25% of users this morning, and everyone should see it over the next few days."

Looking forward to seeing this.

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Will we get true return (%) as well as MWRR? I like the addition but it doesn’t reflect how much you’ve actually made. Would be good to see them side by side!

Keep em coming!


Do you mind elaborating on the difference?

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Is there anyway we can get an annual return tab as well for comparisons to other set year bench marks.


Ye, I think seeing YoY numbers would be quite cool

This is a great addition. How often is it updated? Mine says last updated Friday 11 September. Isnt it automatically live? @sampoullain

Once per week, at present.


MWRR is updated once per day, but it only calculates up to the day before today.


Is it still rolling out? I don’t have it yet


Brilliant idea!

Yes over the next few days

Is there a set time it is updated each day (using the previous days close of business price I assume)?

Well it was the next few days, a few days ago hence my asking