Performance measures

Im confused.

Help appreciated.

What in very simple terms do the two percenatge measures mean ?

Money / Time weighted rate of return?

And can I not see my total porfolio percentage profit or loss over a period of my choosing?

I would appreciate any responses :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Freetrade’s explanation of Money Weighted Return and Time Weighted Return is as simple as you can get on this. TWRR is easier to calculate but it is more misleading because it doesn’t take into account when you add or remove money from your investment.

Money-weighted rate of return.

What is the time weighted rate of return? - Invest Hub | Freetrade’%20results.


Thanks for replying.

I dont get why it picks a random date and gives a percentage from then.

I dont find it helpful…and still dont fully understand.

Ok…i found two things that helped.

1…I didnt realise I could set the term (month, year, max) …so that makes some sense.

And 2. This awesome video explains it better.