Portfolio Balance

Curious how much people have invested so far on their account?

Breakdown. I’ll start.

Personal money in: £2,250
Current Balance: £4380
Gain/Loss: Gain.
Date: January 2021.
Balance Goal: £100k.

So if you can use these subject lines. Thanks.

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That’s quite detailed for most people and I think you’d be better off using this thread for simplicity:

People can share what they want. This is an investing and money forum.

So why not? :rocket:

Seeing someone doing well or not doing well can be a learning curve.

This is not a bashing topic etc.

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I wasn’t bashing or saying you can’t or others can’t, but from the thread that is linked above, people clearly seem more ready to share their return in that manner.

Also, it can avoid encouraging risk of investing in stocks discussed on Reddit, or putting in more cash than people can afford.

You do you, I’m just making a suggestion. :grinning:

Yes, the first post includes too much detail (personal information) for my liking.

It’s a good idea though.


Let’s see how much you have invested then? Be more interesting than your suggestion. :partying_face:

Talk numbers.

People do on YouTube all the time and good to know and document your journey.

Bottom line is it’s just money. Not asking what your card details or pin code. But I respect your decision.

Thats an excellent return on just over £2k.

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@fire2045 I think you might have misread the room. People are happy to talk in the abstract but are unlikely to be disclosing as much as you are comfortable with.


Thanks. I have 1 growth stock and 6 dividend payments I’m looking to build up over time.