My (Early Days) Portfolio Feedback

Howdy Investors!

I am looking for a bit of feedback, new to this whole Investment lark and have made a start with a small amount of money to find my feet. I have sold Aviva today (waiting for Monday) and will probably put that into £LGEN. Also looking to buy some British Land on Monday too

Any thoughts would be gratefully received!

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Stocks look quite dividend friendly. What’s the goal?

Generally to maximise growth over time, whilst still earning enough to reinvest a healthy amount. Seeing people with chunky +4k Portfolios is massively motivating to get things right

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It looks not too unlike my first stab at putting together a list of stocks. To compare it now

  • I sold out of City of London when I saw the fees. I flipped ASOS when they rebounded this year.
  • I hold TW and LGEN and will double down on these this year.
  • I hold AV put will sell to put into LGEN.
  • I hold Lloyds but will sell, when in profit.

The only criticism I could level at it is that it’s very UK biased, obviously this depends on your plan, but I’d be looking at diversifying across markets not just sectors next.

(Not advice, dyor!)

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Thanks for your input mate!

Was having a look through my list earlier and seemed like City of London had been pretty poor but still up 6.42% over the past year.

Other markets was definitely next on my list when I have my basics down.

Thanks again!


All the best with it. How long are you going to hold Greatland Gold for?

(Whisper it quietly, too loud and @kerry will call you a sellout :wink:)


I’m tempted to hold for a good while and see where they go, they have been pretty safe so far with a steady growth since I bought them early last month. Will see where they get to in their next spike and may sell out and reinvest again.

Stop tormenting me! :facepunch::rofl: