US Travel Ban - How's yer stocks looking now?

Well done Mr Trump. Not appeasing world panic at all, are you?

Shell - £12
BP - £2.97
Lloyds’ (which i didn’t think could get any lower) is now smashing 39p.
Perhaps you want some IAG. £3.60. bargain.

Wow ! - anyone still buying ?

Shell, BP and Barclays all down 31%-40% for myself, thankfully they are the smaller holdings in my portfolio so only make up 4% of my total.

Should say I won’t be adding more till we see shoots of recovery.

Interestingly enough… this is where the shit gets real.

Look at AAPL and TSLA - haven’t budged an inch.

It’s times like these we see which corporations have balls ! (are truly resilient).

I was still slightly up on my Apple holding which is my biggest individual position, was so close to selling yesterday and buying back in because I’ve no doubt it’ll drop.

But that goes against everything Warren Buffet says so decided against it :joy:


I was getting stressed about it before, but I kinda just have to laugh at this point, I just watched a couple of hundred quid get wiped off my portfolio value in the matter of minutes.

I’m mostly invested in boring but steady dividend stocks. I won’t claim they will reach the highs they just fell from, but I’m fairy confident they won’t go under (at least for now) so am happy to average down and push on.


I done the exact same run through all my individual holdings yesterday and looked at their balance sheets, what’s product they offer etc

And out of 32 holdings I reckon 5 are “at risk” should this virus get worse and we enter a recession, the rest are pretty recession proof imo.

I expect a few people on freetrade are in the same boat as me, I’m not going to take anything out from the account for at least ten years maybe longer if at all. So I was bound to go through this type of drop/shock/correction, and will again. I will keep chipping in.


With VIX at 54, I think a madman would trade. Signals are that we haven’t hit bottom, potentially buy some way.

General rule of thumb is that if VIX is above 31, the market becomes un-investable unless you’re a full blown hedge fund / trader.

Obviously, if you take a long term, bargains can be had, potentially at the expense of some short-term pain.

Hey, try not to stress. everyone’s stocks are getting battered.
Even if you’d put all your money into a ‘safe’ index tracker you’d still be down.

The stress has passed, being -5% was stressing me out, being -15% is just hilarious. :rofl:


It’s like loss porn now, the reason I read /r/wallstbets. Not quite as funny when it’s happening to yourself, but I’ve numbed myself to it.


First stage: OMG - 5% loss, Cry!
Second stage: denial, this can’t be happening to me.
Third stage: disbelief - WTF?
Fourth stage: bemusement. LOL. How deep can this go? Bring it on!

Final stage, when you’re old and decrepit sit with grandkids around campfire and tell how granddad lived through Black Monday.


Yep I’ve reached the laughing stage now. Come on lets lose another 10%. I’m down like 25% or whatever. Who cares now.


I didn’t know that you can add VIX to your (Apple Stocks or other) watchlist like any other stock, but you can. Useful!

You can but it’s scary.

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Found a green one. It’s like playing hide and seek…

…i bet BAT is going up.

Nervous Panicking chain smokers out there !

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FTSE 100 - 5,450

It’s now LOWER than 2008. Surely cannot get any lower.

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Don’t worry it will stop when it gets to zero.

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and therein lieth the truth: It’s not logic influencing people’s decisions, it’s emotion.