Trump V China

(Parrish Claxton) #1

Anyone else concerned with this trade war. It’s knocking crap out of my portfolio lol. I’m down on absolutely everything. Best get buying then whilst the share price is down.

(Mark L) #2

Yes, it is a bad start to the week. I am around £14 (7.37%) down today.

A good time to buy, but I cannot do so at the moment.

(David Kent) #3

It happens.

My portfolio I like to think is well diversified and I’ve been hit across the board, doesn’t matter if it was Trump related or not!

I aim for a hold period of 5 years minimum, so I’m treating this as growth slowdown. I sleep better that way!

On the bright side my monthly investments will buy a lot more now!

(Emma) #4

Not the first time this has happened in the last few months and it tends to follow a pattern


The entire narrative Trump has created is the US has been hard done to by global trade. It’ll keep happening as long as he’s President


Opening of the US market just destroyed mine

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(Chris) #6

Many will disagree with me here, but I expect this to carry on for a couple more weeks. Until one side sees an economic downturn I doubt this will be resolved quickly.

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(Emma) #7

You made me look :angry:

I wish I hadn’t looked :sob:

It’ll be grand in the end :crossed_fingers:

(Dave Smith) #8

I’m down quite a bit, basically I bought loads of stuff when Android went live, and almost the whole market is lower now. I’m not too worried though. I’m planning to buy another chunk of stuff once I can open an ISA in Android. so ideally it will stay down till then :wink:

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(Andrew) #9

Trump vs China

Winner… Us as investors if they keep it dragging on for months.


More cheap shares to purchase! Then watch it grow, whenever that maybe!

My portfolio has taken a hit, all of the shares purchased are from the UK - So not sure how much of an impact Trump vs China is having on that.

(Parrish Claxton) #11

Think it’s having a global effect as I have stocks all over the world and they are all in the negative. Going on a lot of conversation in the community this is just a bit of ‘noise’. Hope so, it’s a new experience for me so :crossed_fingers:. I’m down about £35 on £1200+ so not too concerned just yet, just yet lol.


I’m all in the red now, I’ve started low, got £100 spread out from £104 it’s down to £98. I’m confident it will rise again, it gives me the opportunity to purchase more shares, so it’s not all bad.


More cheap shares to purchase! Then watch it grow, whenever that maybe!

That’s very optimistic mate. If the prices fall, it’s because the expectation of profit sustainability/growth of these companies is impacted so in the markets’ eyes, they look unfavourable. How certain are you that you can beat the market with regard to these expectations? Do you hold actual data that the sentiment is too negative? Otherwise, it’s just wishful thinking that these companies are cheap, and not actually damaged.

(Dave Smith) #14

You don’t necessarily need to beat the market, market has gone down, market will probably go up again. Traditionally the market beats Inflation over the long term


No data - but if you are in the market over the long term then the market will go up. A slight dip is something you should not worry about, plus the companies that I’ve invested in tend to do well, so long may that continue, if not, I’ll just ride out the tough times and wait till the share price is on the rise.

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(Leon Angell) #16

Always remember, the market is manipulated by the Higher ups. if they want the market to go down to buy so they gain a profit on the way up. They will do so by diplomatic events like this. Nothing to worry about for me.

(Kenny Grant) #17

This correction is overdue IMO, the market was levitating after being pumped up by things like the massive global QE and Trump’s tax cut. This was in spite of worsening fundamentals on almost every measure, low guidance from businesses, a rush of IPOs, and a looming trade war which expresses frustrations felt by both China and the US for decades and so is unlikely to be resolved fully or quickly.

If we’re lucky we’ll see a short recession followed by a quick recovery, if we’re unlucky we’ll see a long and worsening trade war followed by real war. Seems the current US administration wants war in Iran for example, that won’t be good for prices but it would help Trump in the polls.

If your time window is 1-5 years in stocks, you should be very worried, however if your time window is > 10 years you should be happy to see them fall a lot further so that you can buy more in the coming years - the market is looking pretty high IMO at the moment so a drop for a year or two would not be unusual.

Will be interesting to see how this affects people’s attitude to investing in stocks - I hope it doesn’t put a lot of people off.

(Giridhar Tammana) #18

Looks like I’m not very busy!!

In recent interview Buffet said stocks are cheap if interest rates are low.

(Ryan) #19

Trump causing mayhem as usual!

But as others have said - buy and hold for the long-term. This will be meaningless (hopefully) when we look back in 10 years time :muscle:

(Louis Otto) #20

Time in the market vs timing the market etc :slight_smile: