Is anyone panicking in the current environment?

As the title suggests, is anyone selling anything in particular or is everyone happy to continue as they are, be it buy or hold?

I’m holding, and won’t be tempted into buying for probably a few months now. What I’d normally invest each month is just going to stay as cash for the moment, until things are less risky.


Absolutely, I’m doing the same to see how this all pans out. I did sell out of William Hill and National Express today though, but only a very small holding. Reasons are probably obvious!

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Paying attention for some entry points and not panicking at all. Though I did sell out of the market mid-2019 and sold my gold positions a few days ago. Going to chill for a few weeks & let it all play out, I am looking to build positions some time this year and let them ride.

Slightly concerned that a worst case scenario is the market not being the place to be the next 5-10 years. A continuation of the 11 year uptrend seems highly more likely.

Anybody who was buying in December, January & February will definitely be buying as we speak.

Selling out of my cannabis plays last summer, buying gold and not touching cryptocurrency have been my smartest moves since investing.

I do not believe that anybody currently heavily invested should panic, the game remains the same. Sticking to your long term map and essentially ‘starting again’ seems smart. “Always look 50 years ahead so it makes 3 to 7 years ahead seem shorter”.

This surely is a game changer… Awful :frowning:

I sold all my positions apart from SGLN and VGOV. Im going to buy back into the same companies when this all blows over.

They’re still great companies, so buying in at a much cheaper price should get me back to where I was quickly enough.

I haven’t sold anything. The value of my shares has gone down a lot over the last few weeks, but I’m happy to wait it out and focus on the long term.

This is a good test of how much conviction you have in your stock picking choices. I’ll be buying more of the companies that I have the most confidence in (e.g. Apple) as soon as the future gets a little clearer.


Coronavirus: I’m worried for my parents and vulnerable people.

Markets: No, I cannot control the direction of the markets, the economy nor the government policies, but I can control when to top-up, my portfolio allocation and risk management. As long as I’m holding on to great and fundamentally sound businesses (good balance sheet, low debt) with great brands, I’ll be fine

2009 excerpt:

Interviewer to Charlie Munger: How worried was he that the BRK stock had fallen by 50%?

Charlie Munger: Zero!


Haven’t sold anything, this has made me revise my whole investing strategy but, not just in the stock market.

I’m going to continue to invest into the S&P 500 when ISA season starts back up (I’ll drop into that forever tbh) simply if that goes to pot we as a humanity have bigger stuff to worry about!

There are however 7/8 stocks on the chopping block for myself, when the market eventually rebounds I’d like to cash them out and invest into another rental property just to diversify my overall assets. Whilst keeping the 20/25 stocks I think will grow in the next 5 to 10 years.

Still pumping money into all of my portfolio.

Cost averaging down, on a daily and weekly on lower prices. Keeping an eye on current borrowing levels of each company though.

Hold tight people and dont panic sell :pray::man_in_lotus_position:

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I’ve cancelled the regular overpayments on my mortgage so I can save a bit more cash. not selling any shares

I can go back to overpaying when things settle down


When it moved as quick as it did I don’t usually sell unless its a sector that I think will get whacked even more so better to buy lack in a month or so.
My concern is more I think on my angel type stuff where i think it will be a lot harder to raise subsequent money as there may now be a massive liquidity premium and reluctance to be locked up for 5 to 10 years so I think we may see a lot of both ECF and angel/Syndicate Room/Ruffena type stuff run out of cash or at best having to scale back marketing and operations as cash squeezes.
Not sure of impact on ECF type stuff as think most investors in the “crowd” these days are younger type who might still pile in on back of a good PR vid and spin

Not really panicking but really wished I sold everything before the fall happened then jumped back in. Noone could accurately predict the future anyway so just going to drip feed now and then and sit back and keep an eye out on the falling prices.

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If we had trailing stop losses then you could have done this no problem. A feature that is required.


I sold everything i had in January, it was nothing actually, like sirius minerals and slack since i was more in crypto at that time. Now buy the dip.

Not panicking, well down with everything except SMT. Intending to buy still with my usual monthly amount, just wish I had some cash saved up for the bargains!

As for coronavirus am sick of hearing about it, not worried like the idiots stock piling loo roll and pasta as if the zombie apocalypse is coming! Will fill a bath and dowse my buttocks in the water if need be! Work for the NHS to so I can’t get away from it :joy:


Mass hysteria. People are so soft and touchy these days. I guess lack of hard school of life is proving that people are far away from being intelligent enough to rationally judge the current situation.

Panic about the markets? No.

Working from home for the foreseeable future with my 4 month old in the house to help me…getting closer to panic :baby: :baby_bottle: :baby_chick: :baby_symbol: :scream:


I do think that this has got a bit further down to go yet, but I just can’t help myself from having a nibble at the gold mining companies as their share prices have been falling. I’ll probably keep doing this until I think that the market has finally bottomed out. :slight_smile:

Best of luck out there everyone & stay safe.



No panic, just a lesson learned. After missing the various selling opportunities my portfolio is very red. This was a long term thing so I’m not at all bothered. Going forward I’ll make sure I have cash available for moments like this. And maybe pay more attention to the warning signs…

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