Freetrade ISA Portfolio


Account opened: 6th April 2019.
Account: ISA
Account Fees: £0.00
Paid In: £2,500.00
Withdrawn: £0.00
Current Portfolio Value: £2,486.17
Gain/Loss: -£13.83 (-0.5532%)


So what was the reason for posting this? All we can see is that you’ve had a dip in your investments.

(Ben) #3

Gain/Loss: -£13.83 (-0.5532%)

Welcome to the stock markets Richard. They go up and down like yoyos. They can drop 10% and on a bad year 20%. Rarely they can drop 50%. If you don’t sell you don’t lose as they ALWAYS go back up… so far to date!


I enjoy looking at portfolios, Curtis and Louis spring to mind. Here is mine 1 month in with the facts.


Absolutely Ben !
Buy and hold !
I feel great when my portfolio is in the red, deep in losses feels great to me while drip feeding some pennies in.
The day of the EU Referendum result I felt as cool as a cucumber and happy as Larry as I topped up my portfolio (pre Freetrade).


Happy trading Richard. The market will swing backwards & forwards. Whatever happens, keep on investing & don’t panic. Have a strategy & keep to it. :+1:

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