Today’s Stock Market 📉

Not looking a good day for the vast majority of the market :chart_with_downwards_trend: the new COVID variant appears to be rattling the main indexes :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:


This is my first time going through something like this as started investing after the last covid related crash. Trying to be brave and still topping up for the future. Definitely holding on and not selling.


Just hold your nerve @Jakeisme and don’t sell off if you don’t need to, sometimes this is a good opportunity to up certain positions in the market, like airlines and travel industry stocks some companies will be going cheap


Aviva dropped a fair bit this morning which surprised me. But did top up some more of them. I’m going to not panic as only have invested what I can afford to loose. But hoping it’s only a short drop and a big bounce…time will tell


From initial reporting this does not look good at all. And on the eve of rate rises to attempt to combat inflation…the next month does not look constructive for equities. I’m going to wait for a bit on purchases as I think we could see a correction. Dry powder in short term gilts so I can take advantage.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the American :us: market opens following thanksgiving, feel like it could be a tough couple of weeks for equities

I’m not shifting my shares anywhere, drops like this to be expected. My decision is whether I buy more now taking advantage of the drops or wait to see if they drop further next week…


@PeteL i think that’s exactly what I’m going to do, drops like this present opportunities to take up new positions at bargain prices

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It’s a long list of red on my watchlist - as others have said, might be some buying opportunities if the prices drop enough.

Looks like the FTSE has hit a bottom(ish) for now, at least until the US gets going.


Black Friday sale!


I think I am going to wait for US market to open to see if that further lowers FTSE before I then spend my cash…

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You know its bad when the wealthy get a head start on the sell off. Woke up this morning to a nice 5% drop and that’s before America even wakes up :joy:

My plan is not to sell. If you miss the initial sell off then it’s difficult to join in. Last thing I want to do is sell now and find out it was an over reaction.

Start topping up my cash reserves and start buying when lockdowns start getting confirmed.


Really wise @Barka181 and the right thing to do, the risk is to sell off prematurely and then the market bounces back and you end up losing out on additional gains that could have been obtained

Times like these we have to hold our nerve and look for opportunities to buy to further strengthen and diversity our portfolios


No, but i think it is a sign. I don’t remember any corrections like this for other variants

Agreed, It’s only dropped back to where it was about 2 months ago. If it drops 10-20% in a day that’s a crash


Not even sure this is a correction let alone a crash. Definition of a Correction >10% fall, and of a Crash >20% fall.

There are two daily outcomes for the stock market: it goes up or it goes down. If you believe in the long-term story of whatever you are buying you have two outcomes.
If it goes up - be happy you are making money.
If it goes down - be happy you can buy more at a discount.


I still lost £600 in the first 4mins of trading, I’d call that a crash to my portfolio :joy:


I woke up to this


A crash? We’ve just seen a ridiculous months of gains and then a 1-2% drop.

Just a minor correction but I wouldn’t call it a crash. Still up 6% this month?

Anyway, small black Friday sale so I topped up S&P500, Shell, BP and Global Clean Water :smiley:


Now show us your 1 month figure and I bet it is up this month :wink:

S&P 500 is still up 4.06% this month, VWRL is up 1.86%.

Where is the crash?