AMC trade refund

Hi my view is that I bought AMC shares and yes the price could of fell and did but because Freetrade and other brokers stopped or limited the amount of shares we could buy obviously stopped the price going up due to the fact new buyers could not enter the market to keep the price rising.
I personally think this disadvantage my trade and I would like all the money back I lost as I was not on a level playing field. I’m not moaning that I lost money on a trade as I’ve lost a lot more on other trades but feel strongly that my trade had the rug pulled from underneath because it would benifit the big boys not us small home traders.

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I’d also like a refund, because the stocks I bought went down, but I read on the internet that stonks only go up :upside_down_face:


I bought a cake from tesco and ate it.

Can I get a refund?


Needed this mid-week pick me up :rofl:


Hahahah ffs


Love it. Here is the address for the DTCC, who will be happy to pick up the tab from the one day pause in the ponzi scheme for you if you send them a letter:

55 Water Street,
New York City,

Does AMC not even have a investment thesis anymore? It’s just ‘sell to the next guy at a higher price’?


Thank you for your funny replys.
If you read the post properly then wrote a reply I would have more respect.
Can I take my cake back to Tesco’s wins for me.
When other traders are stopped from buying shares the price goes down.

Sorry Kevin, they’re only teasing.:wink: Freetrade apologised for the downtime but when you invest, sadly you take on all the risk. If it feels like the system is rigged it might be, but that doesn’t mean you get your money back. AMC is a cinema chain in the middle of a pandemic, don’t put all your eggs in that basket after the 500% rise. Use the resources on the forum and elsewhere, diversify, never yolo and invest for the long term.


Freetrade lost out in this too, it was their providers decision to stop trades on US stocks and that’s how Freetrade make money.


Why do you think it’s my first ever trade?
I’m try to get my point across that what happened is wrong.

Drivewealth told Freetrade they could not put buys through for certain stocks, Freetrade have no choice but to say ‘okay’…

What would your solution be?

Two football teams have a game of foot ball one team are professional the other team are a Sunday league team at half time the Sunday league are winning so the professional team decide the Sunday league can only have 5 players on the pitch instead of 11.
Can you guess who won in the end?

I don’t think you’re wrong to be pissed off, but I do think you are pissed off with the wrong people.
Either way, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I think that it’s very unlikely that you will see a refund, from Freetrade or DriveWealth.

I think what’s happened with Gamestock and AMC points to a vulnerability in the market but the limits on buying were widespread and down to technical challenges as opposed to market manipulation so I’m not sure there’s anyone you could expect compensation from. Plus investing in AMC over the last week or two has essentially been a high risk ponzi scheme so I don’t think it’s a shock that people lost money

But in your analogy - for it to be accurate, the Sunday league team would know before they signed up to play that their team had an owner who was losing lots of money, was about to lose their home ground (AMC - fundamentally in a bad place as a company - and don’t get me wrong, I love going to the cinema almost weekly in normal times but that’s a lot more than most in the these digital days). Also PRIOR to agreeing to the game the Sunday league team knew the professionals could decide how many players each team had. Then they still complained about how it was unfair they lost afterwards.

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This happens across the board from trading currencys and shares.
Every time the brokers can be on the losing side of a trade but what people don’t realise is what happened with Game and AMC could happen with all the others shares if it looks like they will lose.
I think if they are going to reduce are chance of success on open positions we should be componsated.

Hi Rupert both teams entered the game with 11 players and thought they would play to the end with 11 players and if they lost then they knew they had the chance of a fair game.

If you feel strongly about this then I would suggest engaging with a solicitor and get legal advice on the chances of compensation being paid

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But even if you could prove some sort of malicious intent on the part of Apex or Drivewealth or any of the other clearing brokers that couldn’t process meme stock trades yesterday, how would you prove that action was the direct cause of the stock price falling? Especially considering many retail brokers were processing meme trades yesterday, most importantly Robinhood.

I’d suggest it would be easier just to flush some money down the toilet.