Market volatility, $GME and $AMC

Hi everyone :wave:

Yesterday, we saw high levels of market volatility with some US stocks.

This led to market-level circuit breakers temporarily being placed on these stocks.

Some orders on our platform were delayed as a result, though we remained operational throughout.

We may see further volatility and circuit breakers again today, which could lead to your orders being delayed.

We may not be able to reply to every in-app message during this time, and the message below still applies.

If you placed an order which is still showing as awaiting confirmation, you will receive a notification when your order has completed.

You should see this order showing the market price when you placed the order. When markets are particularly volatile, this order price may differ from the last price seen in-app.

Bear in mind that this volatility means investing in these stocks can be highly risky. As always, your capital is at risk.

Learn more about market volatility in this guide.


You should make this an in app notification as well!


Yep for sure, working on an in-app message as we speak.

A huge backlog of in-app chats to get back to, which is why we want to be proactive and transparent about what’s happening to try and fend some of these off proactively!

Thanks for everyone’s support and patience.

It’s been quite an incredible week so far.


Great stuff @sampoullain .

Keep up the good work team.

Important to inform about the risks but never stop the ‘free trade’ of stocks and shares like some brokers have - which is a disgrace.


Now that ‘boycott robin hood’ is almost trending on twitter… boy I wish Freetrade was already in the USA right now!


FT has been one of the most stable through all of this. Good work Team FT


I’d love to see the stats, from an IT perspective, of server loads/requests etc.

I wonder if this has been the biggest stress test of their systems so far. Regardless, it’s a great big green for them that they’ve kept going whilst others have fallen.

The only thing that has been flaky has been customer support for those that really need it but at least FT have been honest and open about that too which is refreshing.


Think this is worth a bump up the page.

Bumped and pinned


Hi Sam, I would massively recommend making GME and other hot stocks available for non-plus customers asap even just temporarily, you are potentially missing out on 10,000s of potential customers where other platforms are failing customers


The platform issues are frustrating, not just as I can’t get orders processed, but as an investor in Freetrade, this is a massive opportunity for Freetrade to attract customers from other platforms (especially the Bulgarian platform).


They have tanked. Trade is restricted in those stocks on a number of platforms so the big guys win today.


The rules on Plus stocks are the rules. Just because it might bring in more accounts that doesn’t mean they should just chuck out the rules, otherwise what’s the point of them?


Agreed, and it would set a precedent, people would start asking for exceptions all the time.


That would be so irresponsible


Have had a couple of buy orders just processed on the platform so hopefully it’s light at the end of the tunnel :pray: They show on activity although portfolio isn’t updated though.

edit: portfolio updated. Orders went through!

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Can’t buy, can’t sell. Literally dead. Had the last order cancelled and have now missed a 60% gain.

How can you say on twitter “all orders will be executed and will go through.” when they clearly do not even with the “awaiting confirmation” they die after a certain time.


Can’t even “Review Order” just sits there loading.