To the Freetrade team

@acamp @Damon and others

I feel like you guys at freetrade used to be more active than you have been recently

So this is a post of encouragement to the company to engage a little more and to keep an eye on what’s going on and respond a little more when you can.

Why? Because as far as I can tell Freetrade has one of the most engaged user bases when you look at the various large brokers around, and taking advantage of that shouldn’t be underrated.

this post encouraged me to post this What are Freetrade working on just now - #11 by Damon

there’s immediate excitement :smiley: just from a simple question and reply.

but I wanted to point out other things. The people who take time to post here are often finding and providing information that needs feedback, or fixes, or would benefit with feedback and more acknowledgment

bugs MEGATHREAD: Bugs & Glitches - #86 by rehpot

more bugs (incorrect dividend calculations) Legal and General - LGEN - #348 by Rob208

Things like the above we don’t always know if you’re aware of, or have acknowledged. (maybe we need a bad/incorrect data thread?)

questions that could benefit from input from freetrade (just one example) but engagement in these kind of threads and questions I think builds trust in the platform How does FT make money from (free) General-only account customers?

It’s the little things. Knowing that things reported on the forum are picked up and acknowledged, that they’re on the todo list, that questions are answered, even if they’re repeat questions. I think you have a relatively small team and have a number of high priority features in the works, but these little things make a big difference. especially when people find these little bugs, or errors in icons, names, data or links etc., that tough questions are answered as well as. basic, knowing that they’re picked up is important. (in my opinion)

consistency and accuracy breeds reliability and trust.

as does engagement. and people obviously love when your team gets involved

for what its worth… thats my jumble of thoughts.
Feel free anyone to tag on :smiley:


Thanks for taking the time to drop in your thoughts @Eden.

Trust me when I say that we are all reading the forum regularly. I agree we can do more to respond but we do are always listening.

@adam, @Viktor and the team scaled Freetrade to what it is today because of the community. We’ll be sure to give some more love :heart:


Glad to see. It makes such a difference especially the difference of knowing if someone has been seen or not, and I’m sure we can be pretty demanding at times but the acknowledgments, and answering queries is as you elude to something that makes the community.

Even on the quiet days it’s clear this place gets more activity than similar communities, so you guys have built something good here.