Round Hill Music IPO

May be one to note for anyone interested in music rights alongside SONG, 7DIG and OMIP


Prospectus linked in this - assume it is not really aimed at small investors so will just have to wait

Round Hill IPO completed and trading this morning as RHM (not to be confused with a previous RHM)
Did not raise as much as originally targetted

@viktor - adding soon on FT I hope

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We’re on it, Steve.


Thanks @Viktor
Just one issue - on another platform the price as pounds (1.01) instead of pence - although the trades are going through in pounds ( ie 30000 shares went through at £30k). Not sure if this is anything to do with first day trading. Just want to avoid confusion.

Just to update this post; RHM is shown as priced in USD on two other platforms. Do not know if that is why it is quoted as 1.01 rather then 101. Have the F/X rate to consider then as well then.

Any news? Thanks!

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I’d like to see this on Freetrade too !

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Any news? This feels straight forward to add as a LSE stock?!

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Agree but are there any complications as it is listed in USD whilst on the LSE?

@viktor - any updates please - stock has risen nicely since IPO and missing out now

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@viktor - will this be on FT soon please?

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Sorry for the annoying bump, but apparently that’s how things end up being added - flaming.

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@Viktor Any updates please?

@viktor - appreciate that there is a lot going on at FT but is there any chance of getting this soon? Thanks

@Viktor any updates on this please? Thanks

To give you some update, I’m afraid we can’t add it quite yet. The number of daily trades is below of what we’re comfortable adding and it sits in a trading service (SETSqx) where we often experience rejected trades. We’re so sorry, Steve! We will explore opportunities to add not too liquid stocks in the future.


Thanks for the update Viktor

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