Round Hill Music IPO

May be one to note for anyone interested in music rights alongside SONG, 7DIG and OMIP


Prospectus linked in this - assume it is not really aimed at small investors so will just have to wait

Round Hill IPO completed and trading this morning as RHM (not to be confused with a previous RHM)
Did not raise as much as originally targetted

@viktor - adding soon on FT I hope

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We’re on it, Steve.


Thanks @Viktor
Just one issue - on another platform the price as pounds (1.01) instead of pence - although the trades are going through in pounds ( ie 30000 shares went through at £30k). Not sure if this is anything to do with first day trading. Just want to avoid confusion.

Just to update this post; RHM is shown as priced in USD on two other platforms. Do not know if that is why it is quoted as 1.01 rather then 101. Have the F/X rate to consider then as well then.

Any news? Thanks!

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I’d like to see this on Freetrade too !

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Any news? This feels straight forward to add as a LSE stock?!

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Agree but are there any complications as it is listed in USD whilst on the LSE?

@viktor - any updates please - stock has risen nicely since IPO and missing out now

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@viktor - will this be on FT soon please?

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Sorry for the annoying bump, but apparently that’s how things end up being added - flaming.