[Request] Shoe Zone (SHOE)

Can we please get Shoezone / Shoe.l added to the stock list. I’ve previously requested this through the app and the survey. Stock is now up 50% in the last week and think I may have to move elsewhere to a platform which provides this. I like freetrade, but missing out on gains like this is frustrating to say the least

If you’re previously requested it via the form, they know about it. Effectively complaining about them being slow here won’t magically make them add it. If you feel you need to look/go elsewhere, go ahead. I use multiple brokers and it’s often necessary.

Maybe if it’s upvoted here they’ll see a demand for it. I appreciate they may be busy. I’m investing via their ISA £10/month option. I may be incorrect, but I was of the understanding that you can only open 1 Stocks and Shares ISA per tax year. If that’s not the case I’ll gladly open on a second platform. Otherwise I’ll be waiting till after April for the new tax year.