New ISA year in-coming.. Freetrade?

Hey guys,

So I’m considering my next ISA - Currently with 212, but I WON’T be continuing with them.

I’m considering my options, but I have a few queries I’d like people’s opinions on in choosing Freetrade.

  1. I’m a big investor in Bacanora Lithium. Does anyone else buy low volume stocks? How long do you find it takes on average for an order to process?

  2. HK stocks. I can’t stand eToro, but have to use them to purchase HK listed stocks. How soon do you see Freetrade adding these exchanges?

I currently use this as one of my ‘other’ brokers - Would love to be able to support it, and use it as my primary broker - But it has to serve me needs, too!


I find for low volume stocks I have to buy small qty’s (<£100) for orders to complete, or else they fail - but in either case it occurs instantly.

Out of interest, why won’t you be continuing with 212?

I don’t think this is on the immediate roadmap. I imagine we are talking several years probably

They blocked a load of stocks and shares, since the GameStop saga started.

Also, a lot of people are using them to buy risky pennies, so some have been placed in ‘close only’ mode. They’re definitely annoying a lot of the existing customer base, but with the backlog they have for sign-ups, I don’t think they care too much!

Bacanora on 212 in particular, can take DAYS.

Even splitting orders into £50 chunks. On some occasions it can be fast, others, I’m waiting. While.

Makes it difficult to transact, and then the spreads are HUGE.

Appreciate the response, dude. That’s annoying, to put it mildly!

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