Selling some shares

Hello , how long does it take to receive the proceeds into your account once you have sold some of your shares. Thank you.

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Standard industry settlement is 3 days to be able to settle the sale proceeds and be in a position to withdraw the cash (which then takes between 3 and 5 days) however its instant upon sale if you just want to be able to buy other shares or even hold the cash in your gia or isa account.

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Won’t lie, I bet a few people will click this thread and will be disappointed that you aren’t trying to sell shares you hold specifically in freetrade :wink:


i want some of those shares :smiley:

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Thanks guys ! Woops yes I should have thought properly about that title :slight_smile: !

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Exactly what I did. Sounds like you did too… :wink:

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May have done :wink:. Happy to help though :joy:

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I am a Freetrade shareholder and I am happy to purchase shares from fellow shareholders wishing to exit either partially or completely. Once I have these shares, funds can be transferred to the seller immediately (2 hours) subject to the seller bank. Also, I am prepared to better the offers being made by VCs.
Please let me know.


I would be potentially interested in selling mine. Does anyone know if it’s difficult to get permission from Freetrade for the sale? (because I think you need their permission.).

And do I remember it correctly that you can only sell all your shares at once?

Yeah I asked and they said I need to do it through Crowdcube. It seem like the process to sell them privately at this time will be difficult.

I have 6,532 I want to sell. I’m expecting I may have to sell through the VC process, but open to working with a higher bidder if anyone keen.

Thanks! I’d be interested in selling. I have 9,596 B shares. The purchase price should be higher than than the one in the secondary round to factor in the additional growth since then.
Let’s chat! You can book a slot in my calendar here Calendly - Fabian V. Flatz

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Can we buy partial share holding? if so, is it FT that need to authorize it?

Message me please

Hi, DM me if you’re still interested in selling your shares

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