Any major app update coming soon?

Long time Freetrade user, multi-round investor and all-round advocate here…

It’s been a long time since we saw any significant improvements to the app. It goes without saying that there’s room for many features and improvements. All it takes is to look at some other apps competing in this space.

Can Freetrade confirm that there’s something coming soon or at least being worked on?
In the interests of being more constructive, I’ll share some thoughts on the type of features I’d like to see…

  • Tap through on items in the activity feed
  • Allow filtering and jumping to specific date ranges in activity feed
  • Have list of paid dividends show on each stock’s page
  • Allow tapping on a $/£ number to show alternative currency (“Your Investment” section can be confusing for a $ investment)
  • Improved filtering, sorting and grouping features throughout
  • Make Insights more insightful
  • Include more information on each stock page (financials, analyst ratings, news headlines, etc.)
  • Price notifications
  • Multiple watchlists with different custom names
  • Generate PDF/CSV reports for various data points
  • Improve the graphs (e.g. show markers on a stock graph for my transactions)

They said something was around the corner in their last zoom meet up but its been a month i think, it been 6 months in to the year and no major updates as yet they have a opportunity to get new customers while trading 212 is closed for new clients.


With respect, the team knows all about the ideas on which we’ve voted and posting what you want to see won’t magically advance those features. I don’t think they’ll tell us if something is coming soon or not, as announcing things in advance also announces them to competitors.


They’ve trailed stuff before so it’s not an unreasonable request.


You mention there was a vote of some sort – is this something you can refer me to?
Respectfully, I can’t say I completely agree with all of your comments…

  1. How should I know that the team is aware of such ideas if they’re not communicating anything about them? Apologies if there are other threads in the community regarding this topic, but I was unable to find any open/active threads when I briefly looked.

  2. Believe me, I am very aware that me posting a list here does not equate to seeing those features magically delivered tomorrow. If I hadn’t shared the list, however, I would’ve been flamed for just complaining and not being constructive (which was my intention, as mentioned in my original post).

  3. As @Jim_mcgrain has pointed out, Freetrade would occasionally share teasers for upcoming features to look out for. I’ve been here long enough to observe these tweets/emails/in-app messages. The features I specifically mentioned would not be new to competitors anyway. It’s always been a case of catch-up for Freetrade (understandably).

Lastly, I’ll just leave this here: An Honest Critique of FreeTrade (September 2020)


Not sure if you know this already FT’s team do regularly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on Zoom and a few times on Clubhouse.

They acknowledged all of the feature requests and replied that they are currently laser focused on the EU expansion.

The Series B that closed recently will allow to launch multiple new features without making any compromise. As well as making other announcements.

If you haven’t seen it check it out on YouTube


I expect the FT team is focussing on their product, tech, testing, licensing, banking and compliance frameworks + preparing to rapidly scale-up support services upon the big reveals of EU stock trading (for UK customers), and then opening to their first EU markets + recruiting for 70+ roles. These are all huge lifts, and they are probably working their asses off to meet their timelines.

I agree with every request on your list, but those are nuances. We should see a step change in product functional depth & quality then - FT3.0? - rather than an incremental drip of improvements in the interrim.

While I disagree with the FT team almost completely disengaging with the online community here for a few months, I trust the trade-off is time to focus energy on GSD to build the business for the future. They will surely be back at the appropriate time, and making a LOT of noise. Until then, I wish them well and look forward to seeing the fruits from their harvest in the autumn.


didn’t they rebuild their backend last year so that features could be pushed out quicker? I thought they were done with that now.


It would be helpful to see the current share price on the same screen as limited buy shares. So you can easily compare the two

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This theory only plays out if people in the UK have been leaving freetrade in droves. If they haven’t then it’s unlikely people in EU will leave due to features people in the UK have requested for 1+ years while still investing

Better to expand, take market, adding new features at the same time. Otherwise FT still wouldn’t have been released in the UK due to missing fractionals or whatever else functionality

Does anyone have anything to share on this?

I’ve just checked some of the top threads under Ideas 💡 - Freetrade Community and don’t see any positive signs. It’s mostly people requesting updates for each feature or, in the case of the web/desktop feature request, a post from Freetrade telling us they’re still far from releasing anything.

Yep, public roadmap will be a huge positive sign, unfortunately it’s not a case for FT

Do you mean a roadmap like this?

It was a good beginning, but can you say for sure what has been done in previous months from this roadmap? Here is a WHATS NEW section on FT Google Play app.

We know you’ve got a busy day ahead. Before that first coffee hits, we want to thank you for investing with Freetrade and thank you for being part of our mission!

I understand that there are expansions plans which cannot be shared for some reason, but why FT cannot claim what features has been delivered to the application? Last thing I remembeer is blinking icon for living price, which even does not work for US stocks.

Freetradeare not the plucky underdog they once were, they can’t telegraph their plans.

I have never read one of these, my app auto-update. If I’m in the majority is it worth writing anything there?

Are you interested at all what features are new? Or you are already fine with what you have?

I won’t think to look there if I can’t see a new feature when using the app I’d probably never see it