Delayed pricing (user misunderstanding)

Hi the prices are extremley delayed on $GME almost 15 minutes to be exact, i cannot set a stop loss on the price as its so far behind, nor could i buy at the dipped price again because the trade wouldnt close at the price i wanted. in the end it closed $7 higher than i was anticipating.

please can this be fixed?

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Agreed. We know it’s highly volatile but Freetrade needs to fix this - or at least explain it.

I just dont understand why they can’t mirror Yahoo finances pricing

FT doesn’t provide live price data, you can see live price data on other sites, e.g. or marketwatch…

The stop loss, limit orders etc will use live data but if you’re expecting it to work if the price drops for a fraction of a second then you’ll be out of luck, remember buy price and sell price are not the same, generally the buy price is higher than the sell price, what you generally see on charts is an average between these, so even if the chart shows your price was reached, the buy price provided to FT may have been higher so the order wouldn’t execute - The Basics of the Bid-Ask Spread

They could have live prices in the app, but this kind of data feed costs money - they can’t just look at yahoo and copy that because that is against the Yahoo terms of use.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand that, where the issue is, is regarding trying to set stop losses/ buy sell the stock. because the apps pricing is so far behind i am unable to trade at the current value/ set stop losses to the value i need as the price is 15 minutes behind and isnt accurate.

For the one millionth time, :grin:

  1. FT does not supply live pricing because it has a cost to it, which would have to be recouped some how

  2. FT is designed for long term investing, not day trading. There are plenty of options out there if you wish to day trade.


Yahoo can afford to pay for faster price data and display it to you because they’re showing you a :poop: load of adverts and sponsored content, selling your browsing behaviour data to advertisers, and making money on the side in a dozen more ways I couldn’t even begin to think of.

Freetrade, on the other hand, charges very little for its services; it’s a low-cost, no-frills broker, and you get what you pay for. Professional stock traders pay $24,000 per year for a Bloomberg Terminal. We’re using an almost-free mobile phone app. It’s not a level playing field.


It’ll still execute your stop loss or your buy at a specified amount, even without live prices. It doesn’t wait for the app to show that price before it executes.

If your set price gets hit in the market, and a willing buyer/seller is on the other end, it will trade.


While I appreciate that this can be frustrating for new users, :freetrade: doesn’t currently provide live pricing. This is due to the cost to them. It costs a company like :freetrade: a monthly cost per user. I believe it would be a significant drain on their resources.

It would be nice if this was explained in the app, but now you know. Hence user misunderstanding. The delayed pricing isn’t a bug or error.

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thank you for the explination, and that does make complete sense (£9.99 is more than acceptable to trade and have a nice UI). The only reason for my confusion today is that the app has usually been quite accurate and up to date re: pricing (Sub 5minutes to the actual price) it just seemed a little suspicious that today of all days with the volatility with the price that it was an extra ten minutes behind. a work around was just to ensure i was always up to date on yahoo finance and if any significant drops i could immediately sell through the app :slight_smile:

I only noticed yesterday but some UK FTSE 350 stock prices are updated more frequently and within 2 or 3 minutes of the live time. Looks like data is being sourced from CBOE rather than LSE for these stocks.

It is kind of annoying that you can’t click the buy button though if the outdated price thinks you’ll be buying 0 shares for the price you specified. It’d be nice if it submitted the order anyway and then discovered if it was rejected or not. (UK only as it only applies buying whole number of shares)

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