Delay on live prices between freetrade and Yahoo Finance

Is there a reason why there is a big discrepancy between Freetrade live prices and Yahoo Finance?

I was having the same issue, which one was right?

Both are correct but are using different data providers and therefore showing different live prices.
It might help if you tell us what stock you’re talking about

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I don’t think FT offers live prices. If you have a particular price you are looking for may I suggest a limit order.

You will notice the throbing spot on chart indicating live pricing


What data provider does Freetrade provide?




Depends on the stock as they seem to use a few data providers.

From looking on the app.

ETF - seem to be LSE (London Stock exchange)
UK stocks seem to be a mixture of CBOE and LSE, but the live ones seem to be CBOE while the non-live ones are from LSE
US stocks IEX


My stock uses IEX. Which app would be recommended for live IEX prices?

freetrade, since it’s literally where they get the data from?

there’s not a massive discrepancy between the FT app and yahoo, maybe a few seconds out but nothing major and perfectly fine for investing.

If you want to day trade you’d be better off using something like trading view and setting limit buys and sells on FT (which are available to plus users) but is not a recommended way of trading using FT as it’s designed for long term investments

A cent here and there doesn’t really make a difference when your investing long term

So the stock I have been comparing on FT and Yahoo has a delay between 5-15mins at times…

Mmmmm this mystery stock mmmmm we shall find out soon what it may be


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Which stock are you referencing, whiteout knowing this nobody can help.

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