Upto date share prices

Hi there

I didn’t know about the 15 minute delay on share prices and ended up paying a little more for them.Is there an app you can use for live share prices or maybe freetrade allow you to do this somehow?I’ve seen some sites use a level 2 which gives you access to live prices?

Kind regards Rob.

For UK shares, you can just Google and the data is usually close to real-time. The exception is for less frequently traded shares. Less volume means it tends to update less often. There’s also a bit of a delay at the end of the trading day.

I’m not sure about other exchanges.

Freetrade plan on improving share price data, according to the roadmap. There’s no date for this, but it should eventually happen.


Yahoo finance


For US shares Trading View (https://www.tradingview.com) or Yahoo finance have the best data, in my opinion

For UK shares Google isn’t too bad, but doesn’t show you the buy/sell spread - Yahoo data is 15 minutes behind for UK stocks. https://uk.advfn.com/ is good for live pricing, but i think you need an account (the free one works and is what I use but is quite painful to use due to the constant bombardment for you to subscribe). HL also show live buy/sell prices if you have an account with them

I use all the above when setting limit buys and sells (plus only). I don’t tend to use market orders.


https://chartexchange.com tracks IEX, which is what freetrade tracks.