Complaint about lack of real-time pricing

Hi why trading 212 in on the spot and why free trade update is 15min delay… Can you please try to update on time because when ever i buy the shares the actual price comes higher always higher why???

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Because live pricing costs a lot of money. I think I remember something around £4 per user per month for LSE data, but not sure.

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T212 UK data is really slow to update anyway, i think he means US stocks.

@Alpesh90 If you’re worried about the difference, use Yahoo finance or Google to watch the realtime price, then when you execute FT always finds the best price at that time. The in-app price could be as much as 15 mins behind. If you’re holding for several weeks/months it hopefully won’t make a large difference unless its a very volatile stock.

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You are better using something like TradingView, Live real-time pricing is free for US stocks there, (UK) with a fee, in conjunction with investing from here.

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i think its even more than £4/m per user.

People need to understand that freetrade is a low-cost, no frills service!!!

How do you cant expect to pay very little and get all the luxuries?

Its like people who fly Ryanair, and complain its not the same service as Qatar airways.

Freetrade is like Ryaniar; cheap, but you get what you pay for.
Im very happy to have the option of trading cheap (not free, but very cheap) and i dont expect the bells and whitsles.

The core service has to be spot on though, to continue the analogy with Ryanair, you wouldnt fly with Ryanair if they crashed all the time just to save a few quid…

Trading 212 has free live prices probably because they make money from CFD, Freetrade doesnt have CFDs so you cant expect them to pay for live prices…


Hold that thought. I think the team are keen to develop live pricing into the app. It’s not highest on the to-do-list but it’s on there

sure thats not to say that it will never happen, but everything needs to be paid for somehow…

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FT have already said they are looking at improving pricing and it’s one of their items on the roadmap as an item being worked on. It comes up for discussion all the time, would be amazed if something isn’t around the corner soon with regards to this.

Yes we need bid offer, Even if delayed

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I feel for you poor folks who are forced to use FT despite the lack of essential features.


I think it should be included as part of the PLUS package.

Personally I don’t consider a being shown the actual price of a something I want to buy “bells & whistles” or a “luxury”. Can you imagine buying something at a store, being handed the receipt only for it to show a different price than you were expecting, I don’t think “oh yeah, the price changed 10 minutes ago we just haven’t changed the price tags” would be acceptable.

It’s a luxury because in the sense that it would cost them money. Especially when there’s many ways for us to see the information for free, on google finance for example

They could use the live trades to identify live trading prices perhaps? Less reliable with less volume

Obviously your right there are plenty of places to get a more up to date price, but that said I’m not buying the stock from those places, I’m “buying” from Freetrade (Yes I realise, not technically accurate, I’m buying from whoever happens to be selling the shares at that moment)

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