MEGATHREAD: Live Pricing ⚡️

Is this something that will happen this new Yr?


Needs to. Will stop a lot of confusion and arguments.

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Are we talking about LSE prices and the 15 minute rule, or the post 15 minute lag? Both need sorting really.
We get US prices more or less live, certainly much faster than LSE prices.

Doubtful as they mentioned it was costly as it was based on users rather than a company subscription fee

Adam mentioned it costing £4 per user per month for LSE data only… if you’re happy to pay this on top of the £7 per month for Plus already?

Are live prices really needed for an investing app?

Different story if you’re planning to trade (in which case FT isn’t the best for this and neither does it try to be).


Make it a bolt on. Takes away arguments.


If you want to day trade its fine. If you are a buy and hold who cares what the accurate price is. Its the best FT can get. Besides if you go to other places you can get live quote. My pension is in HL and I get live quotes there if I want to find out current FT price.


Quote would be nice I think, id like to see this. Im not as fussed about live prices, as you say its not as important for investing. However limit orders solve this imo, if you’re looking for a live price you’re likely looking for a specific price which can be achieved with limit orders. There’s very few occasions where the price will change so significantly within the 15 minutes that it should make that significant a difference.

But more accurate pricing is always good, I know they plan to improve it in the future.


I would not pay an extra 4 pounds for live prices. There are loads of brokers, where you can get it for free.

I have real time on other brokers, but I dont use it. I just stick with limit orders.

I refuse to believe this is true / the only option. There is no way that Trading 212 is paying £5.6M/month for their 1.4 million users, especially if less than half of them are active.

Whether Freetrade like it or not, and even if they see themselves as an investment rather than trading platform, given time, I think this is something that users are going to demand.


They’re not. But they’re also not using direct live pricing. They’re using a service from Bloomberg and from the issues they’ve had (quite often some prices are out of date by days or weeks) my complete guess is they aren’t paying for live pricing but are paying for near real-time pricing of their top stocks, or some variant of that.

One things for sure, they don’t have live pricing over their entire stock list.


Eden hit the nail on the head - they’re definitely not paying for live pricing, some of the penny stocks don’t update for hours at a time (and terrible delays in market orders from personal experience).

Completely agree that long term FT will need to come up with a solution as there’s too many new users not understanding how it works and getting frustrated with the app after thinking they’re being “ripped off”.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: display bid and offer prices. They don’t have to be ‘live’. (The delay should be explicitly displayed, of course.) I think that would help people understand that there is no such thing as a fixed price for a stock, and help give them a more realistic expectation of the price they will get with an ‘instant order’.


I think both issues need to be addressed really to avoid confusion.
I like the simplicity of the Freetrade app. If I need to see candlesticks, volumes, bid & offer etc there are apps much more suited to that. So perhaps the answer is to have the ability to toggle these views on/off - let the user decide if they want a simple view of a share or whether they want data overload…


It’s impossible to trade with stop losses in FT (which is an absolute necessity for protecting gains), as the live prices are so behind the market and slow to update. Stop losses can only be placed below the last historic price. More often than not I end up dumping out on a market order when I really want to place a stop loss and hopefully trail up with the live price to maximise gains. Limiting and clunky! :-1:

You’re right, its crap for that sort of minute by minute trading. There are other apps for that. It works for longer term trades where its a total backstop in case it tanks but no good for trailing your gains. Hopefully this is something they can improve in future.


Live pricing has arrived RIGHT NOW :wave::wave::wave::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Well it’s rolling out over the next couple of days :slightly_smiling_face:

Wasn’t expecting that to be honest


Me neither came from nowhere!