Real-time prices

I’m sure this will have been raised many times but is there a plan to get real-time share prices in the app?

It feels like a pretty basic feature is missing, and other competitor apps have this.

I know many websites have real-time prices, and I use these, but it’s really disconcerting when dropping a significant sum of money on Freetrade when the listed and outdated price is much higher.

A stock I’ve had my eye on for a while dropped substantially for a very short period of time yesterday and gained it back soon after, but the Freetrade app - with a 20 min delay - showed the higher price, so I didn’t want to risk it as I felt like I’d be pulling the trigger blindfolded.

Opportunity cost is good few £k here so even as a premium feature would be tempting.



It apparently costs something around £4 a head per month for real time pricing on the LSE.

I suppose that’s what a limit order would have been more useful for. Especially if you’re saying the opportunity was worth severa thousand in gains.

But in any case even knowing the price your buying somewhat blindfolded as your not guaranteed the live price, only what’s offered to you by market makers.

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£4 a head seems very steep.

The attached suggests that it’s ~£50k for an enterprise license for LSE data. Not sure if this annual or monthly, but I’m guessing Freetrade has a few hundred thousand users so - if accurate - this would be pretty cheap per head.

I’ve no idea that’s just the general ball park figure I heard mentioned.

The license you mention seems to be for ‘Calculation and distribution of Derived Data other than Indices/benchmarks licences’ :man_shrugging:

They also seem to have data charges, and there’s several options to connect which may also have their own charges.


Yes £4 was the figure. I’m sure it will come down with more users and economies of scale. I would actually happily pay a bolt on for it.

I expect in time it will be added.


I usually just check on another app to get the price. Let them take the LSE charge hit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m sure that some sort of ‘bolt-on’ would be a tempting proposition for many (as it isn’t included by default in FT plus).

Would love to see this happen.

I’d pay for a bolt on if it had the spread. Sign me up

Personally, I wouldn’t pay for a bolt-on. I’d look elsewhere.

Given what competitors are offering, I think it should - at least - included as a Freetrade Plus feature.


Already paying for premium and only making speculative use of the limit orders this was something I was hoping would become the norm.
Still waiting. .

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What app do you check with for the live price?

T212. Got a few price alerts set up on their app as well.

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Seeking alpha and Yahoo finance


Yahoo is not live for UK shares - unless you pay for it.



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Anybody at Freetrade able to share some thoughts re this?

Is it in the pipeline? Is it likely to be added at some point? Etc.

I’m tempted to upgrade to Plus but I just don’t feel it’s worth it when it lacks even the basic functionality offered by competitors. If it’s in the pipeline then I’ll probably just upgrade now.


It’s definitely a feature I’d love to see. I’m finding the 15min delay and also the uncertainty about the buy/sell price quite frustrating because of that delay when a share price is rapidly moving.

I have Plus here but have also opened an account with a competitor to see real time prices and I’m loving the competitors features to be honest. Real time prices and price alerts are helping lots.

LSEs 15 minute delay is normal. I’m not sure what’s the scam?

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Surely you’ve seen the notices in the app when buying shares to know its 15 minutes delayed?


Yeah it’s not a scam. Just a cheaper way of operating. Real time prices cost more money.

The argument is always that trading needs instant pricing but long term investing is based on fundamentals, and in the long term, the variation of a price within a day shouldn’t make much difference.

But I’m finding that not everything is a long term hold for me and instant prices help in buying some dips.