Real-time prices

FT said many times that they are fully aware and looking into this

Here is the roadmap. Needs un update on some items

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I feel like if they were a bit further on with sharing the API, it could integrate with apps that offered it maybe?

Advfn isn’t 15 minutes delayed!

Freetrade is though and states this when buying/selling

Claire come on. Surely you can see the difference?

Honestly, why are you paying for live prices on advfn and then complaining about freetrades clearly stated not live pricing but “best execution” trades. If you’ve paid ten quid a month for advfn surely you’ve researched the reasons different brokers can and can’t offer live pricing and surely you know the benefits of “best execution”?

Please answer, I’d love to know.

PS google isn’t 15 minutes delayed either so just use that.


You should use “Limit Orders” if you are having problems with real time trades. In a limit order, you set the exact price you want. Doing it manually means you are leaving your final trade to chance. There can be big changes to a price in a second. I exclusively use buy or sell limit orders on my trades, and I am always happy with the result.

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Thanks for this. Pipeline looks really good.

Hope FT deliver the real-time prices soon.

Limit orders are good and all that but, as you say, stocks do have sudden, sharp, unexpected dips - and limit orders really aren’t that useful when trying to buy at the bottom of a dip.

Just going back to live pricing. If you’re keeping an eye on US stocks like me, the WeBull desktop app for Mac offers live pricing for free.

You can’t trade using the app as WeBull is US only but you can set up live watchlists with your positions etc…

Hopefully that’s useful for some :slight_smile:


Not sure how long this has been in the app for? but a nice feature for the moment while we don’t have real time pricing, could clear up some confusion amongst people who think they’re buying the “real time” price when it’s 15mins behind etc

I agree the real time prices should be implemented asap, at least for plus users.


Would it be possible to have live UK prices? Google show them, competitors do too.

At the moment, trading in the UK market is very difficult as we’re behind the price changes - a lot