Why FT stock Price update is delayed compared with yahoo finance

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Just curious to know the technology used by FT or updating or refreshing the Stock price update from Stock exchanges (Tibco RV(UDP), Apache Kafka, Rmq, apis ).

As,Yahoo finance stock price changes in milliseconds and the best option is price alerts which allows users to set alerts on price change.

I think this is just US stocks, if you go on LSE stocks they say ‘delayed quote’ on Yahoo, same with Google etc and FT.

Yes, most of my portfolio consists of US stocks and still doesn’t update as faster.

Basically FT would have to pay quite a lot for live pricing and they’ve decided its not worth it for their business model which is for long buy and holds not day trading.

There’s been talk if they might offer it in future, perhaps in plus but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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Google is real time for UK stocks.

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Thanks for the prompt response - I had similar thoughts of pricing for fast or active subscription too…

Thanks for clarification

:+1: Will give it a try

Google provide more info on prices and timings in their disclaimer to the share price information

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