Update price too slow

Why is Freetrade so slow in updating stock price?

Looking at market AMC share is $13.55 but Freetrade is still showing at market close $19.11 at 14:11

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It’s been flagged by most users. It’s on their roadmap to improve in-app pricing

The more I use this app the more I read about roadmap improving for basic functions.

Can we get this upgrade bumped? I understand that millisecond updates aren’t something that would be reasonable to expect, but a couple of stocks seem to lag for hours.

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While I agree it is a nuisance it is also easy to work around.
There are other means of obtaining real time pricing and it doesnt disrupt “day trading activities” that much.
Alongside this FT is currently geared more toward long term investing so while realtime pricing is on their road map, I shouldn’t imagine its be that high up right now. Other threads have highlighted the cost at around 50k for FT for real time pricing

Edit: I’d rather have out of hours trading for NYSE and / or other stock markets

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I put this suggestion in as a low cost compromise - I think it’s workable - idea is to use other customers last traded price and display it. given the volume of users and fractional shares… most liquid shares will probably have been traded within at most, the last few minutes, if not seconds.

The Freetrade team would have the information to see how workable it is.

I think looking back now it’s not too much of an issue for me as I just have Yahoofinance open and hit buy on FT when the price is right on YF. no longer such a big deal for me. And if it means that not having realtime updates on prices keeps then fees down then all’s good.

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Any update on this?

I have both the ishares Palladium and Gold ETF’s - both of which haven’t updated in price and if I go to sell, it’ll put an order in for yesterdays price which is kinda bonkers.

Why are prices not live yet?

It was reported to be fixed this morning. Longest delay should be 15mins

Avon protection hasn’t updated all day even after downloading latest app update

Apologies, the team are working to sort this live pricing update issue as quickly as possible.

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