Why is Freetrade so SLOW to Update?

I don’t know if this has been raised before but Freetrade as much as I like it is irritatingly ssslllowwwww - slow to deposit money, even with Google Pay, the ‘quick’ way to top-up. And not just money, updating prices/charts for stocks etc. Even switching between the Portfolio and Discover tabs (I’m nitpicking now) there is a noticeable dealy, if only for a second or two sometimes.

4 hours+ for a bank transfer.
1+ hours for Google Pay (topped up about an hour ago now, still no monies)
Stocks/Charts etc. often lag minutes behind, real-time/current price way out of whack.

The name is FreeTrade, I can’t make effective trading decisions based off data 5 minutes ago.

Are the team aware of this general lag and what are they doing about it? We live in a world of real-time everything digital now, delays are or should be a thing of the past.

Sorry if I come accross overly critical, it’s mean to be constructive, I love what FreeTrade are doing.

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I think Freetrade say they encourage long term investing so data from five minutes ago probably doesn’t matter

Quicker deposits are on the roadmap


I agree on the investment front, but I also agree it can be a laggy app at times