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The Freetrade stock graph is slow to update to the point there’s always a slight delay compared to apple stock app or google. It also affects the price estimator too, which means I can’t reliably go by the price listed on Freetrade. This is a problem because I’m having to use a separate tool to check stock prices and so do my friends - this will hamper engagement.

Are there any plans to improve this? I think this is v important…



At the bottom of the socks page, there will be a message saying:
“Data displayed above is indicative only and it’s accuracy or completeness is not guaraneed. Actual excution price may vary”

This is pretty common, even yahoo and HL have delayed prices (at least for UK stocks). I imagine it’s quite expensive to get second by second quotes to all your users. There are tools that do it, but they tend to be tools dedicated to that pupouse.

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HL offer live pricing for LSE listed shares

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ah yeah, you’re right, I forget you can turn on live prices if you log in. I was remembering their default “prices delayed by 15 mins” thing.

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And how much do you pay per trade with HL…

FT are pretty clear with their warnings that price data is not live.

It depends what your trading and how your trading.

ie >0

I’m not sure how its relevant to the discussion.

Because you were saying that HL gives you live prices. I was merely pointing out that there was a substantial cost associated with that in terms of trading fees.

If live pricing is important to people then they can make the choice where they trade.

Personally (ymmv) having no trading fees so that I can feed in deposits and purchases over time is more important to me.

Yeah still don’t see the relevance. Are you suggesting because Freetrade is free we should expect poorer features? E.g you get what you pay for?

If so then sure.

I’d be quite happy to see live pricing on a paid account for example.

The main issue I have now isn’t so much the delay, but the slowness to sync pricing between screens of bough and sold shares and the lack of information of a price when you go to make a trade.

Live pricing would be a good feature to bundle to the paid account.

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